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Website Design

Posted by on in Website Design

Security should be the number one concern of any business that has a website. The number of website hacks is rising, and it seems like the people who would like to hack your website and use it for their own means don't discriminate based on size. You can have a small business with a simple website, or a large company with a big website - the size of your website will not do anything for you in terms of security.

Does it mean you're left at the mercy of hackers? Of course not. There are plenty of things you can do to make it harder for people with bad intent to hack your website. And it all starts with your choice of hosting.

Hosting and Security

For businesses, especially small ones, choosing a hosting option is a sort of a balancing act. On the one hand, there's the need to keep the overheads down and go with the most affordable hosting option. On the other hand, there's the need to have decent features in your hosting package, and the more expensive packages usually come with better features.


Posted by on in Website Design

How many different ways do you have to spread the word about your products or services? Online, there are social media channels, paid advertisements, your business' website, blog, other blogs where you can guest-post, and affiliates. There are a plethora of channels you can use to communicate with your customers. The effectiveness of most of these channels, however, hangs on a single thing - your ability to serve quality content.

Different types of content serve different purposes. Viral content, quizzes, and competitions raise awareness about your products. Infographics, guides, and trend reports do the same, although they educate more than they entertain. When you want to move away from building awareness towards increasing purchases, you'll need different types of content, such as product reviews, case studies, and - customer testimonials.

How Do Customer Testimonials Affect Decision Making?

Customer testimonials are one of the most valuable tools you have for word-of-mouth marketing. They go hand in hand with customer reviews as the type of content people like to seek out before they decide to use a product or a service. They serve as social proof that your product or service brings value to its users, and as such are more than capable of increasing the credibility of your business.


Posted by on in Website Design

Whether you're creating the first website for your business, or you're finally deciding to give your existing website a fresher look, one of the steps you'll have to make is - consult with a professional. You should give up on any ideas of designing the website on your own. It's not as easy as it seems, and unless you are in fact a website designer yourself, you should really leave it to people who do it for a living.

But the fact that you're hiring someone to improve your website doesn't mean that you won't have a role to play in the process. You can be involved as much as you want. You can also try to be involved as little as possible, but even then, there are some things that you'll have to do. Things like going to a consultation with a website designer. And, if you want your website to be any good, preparing for the consultation.

The Very Basics Your Need to Cover

Your website should have a purpose. It's not there only to look pretty, although that will certainly help it achieve its purpose. You need to know what exactly you want to achieve with the website redesign, and what do you want your website to be able to do. Do you want your whole website geared towards getting people to sign up for your newsletter? Are using it solely to boost your own status as an industry expert? Or do you have an online store, but you want to add some content that will make it rank better in search engine results? You need to be very clear on what you want the website to achieve before you start talking with a website designer.


Posted by on in Website Design

The old adage that you shouldn't keep all your eggs in one basket applies to Internet design as well. If you look at the Internet usage stats, you'll see that 80% of people use a smartphone. You'll also see that 57% use multiple devices, which means that, as far as the design of your website goes, it would make sense to ensure that it can be easily viewed on multiple types of devices. And that's where responsive design comes in.

Responsive design might sound like one of those vague buzzwords the online world is full of. However, it's a simple principle of design that allows one website to adapt easily to any size of the screen. Using responsive design to create a website means that people who visit that website will have an equally good experience regardless of the device they're using to visit it. And if you're still not convinced that responsive design is something you should implement as soon as possible, here a couple of reasons that will drive the point home.


Posted by on in Website Design

There are plenty of reasons to postpone website redesign. It can be costly, it can take a lot of time, and it requires lots of attention from the owner of the website, even if they are not the ones who actually do the redesigning. But the problem with postponing website redesign is that, if you do it for long enough, the fact that your website needs to be updated will start hurting your business.

Websites need to be kept as up to date as possible. If you're wondering how you should know your website is in dire need of a makeover, here are some of the telltale signs.

It Looks Old

You might be proud of the fact that you embraced using the Internet for your business early on, but showcasing your pride by not ever changing your website design is a bad idea. You don't have to be an early adopter of every web design trend that pops up, but when all of your competition has moved on to a different type of design, you can't afford to be left behind.

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