Fresh content is the only way to keep your blog alive and your readers engaged. However, it is difficult to keep your readers’ attention when you continue producing content of the same type. If you feel your business blog could use some variety and some new ways of engaging readers, here are ideas for producing fresh types of content every time.

Create a Video Tutorial

You definitely have some expertise to share with your readers, so think of something you know how to do and many people don’t. Then, instead of writing a regular how-to post, create a script for a video on the same topic. You could record your screen as you show how to do something, use a board for bullet points and schemes, or add some visual effects. Videos can be much more powerful than text content, but make sure yours is insightful, innovative, and of high quality.

Hold an Interview

While the posts you write present your own viewpoint, it never hurts to let your readers know what other industry people think. Pick an industry influencer to discuss some burning issues or someone from your own team to give an insight on how your business works – but make sure you talk about the things your audience would like to know about. The interview can be recorded as a video or transcribed as a text post with photos.

Create an FAQ Post

Answering the questions your readers are most interested in is a sure way to catch their attention and keep them engaged. How do you identify these questions? Analyze your communication with existing and potential customers, the comments you get on social media – these are sources of real-life questions you already have answers for. Besides, you can check out websites like Quora, forums, social media groups to see what answers people are looking for.

Publish a Tweet-Based Post

Twitter can give a good insight into what people think about a popular issue. You can pick a breaking news piece or a widely discussed controversial issue in your industry and research tweets on that subject (if the topic is ‘hot’, there will be plenty of them). By posting screenshots of tweets with links to them, you can present the topic from all sides in an original and interesting form.

Create a News Roundup

Another good idea is to create weekly or monthly roundups, covering the key news events for that period of time. You can list the most important news with short descriptions and your own opinion on them, or make a compilation of the best news content with links to each post you find (this is also a great way to maintain connections with other resources in your industry). If you choose to create this type of content, be sure you do it regularly, so that the audience starts looking forward to it and seeing your blog as the source of most important news.

There are many more ideas for creating fresh content every time, and you can find them by researching your favorite industry blogs – or even asking your audience what they would like to see next.

What are your ideas for adding variety to your blog? You are welcome to share them in the comments section.