Nobody writes blogs just for the sake of it. No matter if it’s a personal page or a brand blog, you want to see it is read and appreciated.

Sure, analytics will show you how many people have viewed your blog, but if it doesn’t get any comments or reaction from the readers, it makes you wonder: what if nobody actually reads it? And even if they do, what if they don’t think much of it? Otherwise, the post would get some response, right?

The truth is the lack of interaction does not necessarily mean your content makes no difference. But in any case, an active audience is crucial for your blog: it helps your posts gain more visibility, lets your blog rank better, and after all, makes you feel better! So, here are six simple ways to get more comments and build a more interacting audience for your blog.

1. Get More Readers

First and foremost, you should increase the traffic of your blog: when more people start reading it, you will see a certain increase in the interaction. Use all promotional channels and techniques you can think of, like social media, forums, including the link to your blog in all your signatures, and so on.

2. Ask for Opinions

People will most likely ignore a generic question like “What are your thoughts on this?”, but if you ask for a specific piece of advice, opinion, or experience, your readers will respond more eagerly. Make sure your questions really resonate with your audience and can start an interesting conversation.

3. Be Active Yourself

Don’t forget to reply to everyone who has taken time to comment your posts – just like you, the readers want to get some response to what they have to say. If they think that their comments go unread, they won’t bother writing them.

4. Be Personal

We all love stories more than any other kind of content, and adding a personal touch to your post will make it much more engaging. If the readers feel they know you better as a person, they will be more eager to interact with you, so don’t be afraid to share some of your life stories or personal opinions.

5. Be Controversial

“Hot” topics are the best ground for a discussion, but the trick here is to raise a debate while sticking to the theme of your blog and your brand. So be appropriately controversial and pick topics that will be in line with your blog’s strategy, and yet will encourage your readers to share their opposite views on the subject.

6. Share Good Stories

If you have a success story or good news to share about other people – your customers, your readers, or colleagues – it’s a good idea to do so. People tend to respond well to stories that inspire and motivate, and will be ready to share their own wins if you encourage them to.

Your blog is not unlike a public speech, but since you don’t see your audience, the only way to know if they are interested is their interaction. Encourage it and keep the conversation going – and you’ll see your blog growing and gaining popularity!

Now, as a blog owner, have you ever felt your audience isn’t active enough? What are your methods for encouraging comments and interaction?

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