As more and more businesses go digital, it is crucial that you strategize marketing to stand out in the crowd. Otherwise, it is easy for your brand to get lost in the sea of content. Although traditional marketing is helpful, content marketing helps generate 3 times more leads. Besides, it is a more cost-effective option. To generate more leads and revenue, valuable content is necessary. This post takes a close look at the 8 types of content marketing to help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.


When it comes to content marketing, it is obvious for blogging to come to mind. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are many other types of content marketing. Quality and fresh content are highly prized. Both search engines and visitors love it. According to a study, it was found that about 77 percent of internet users regularly read blogs. This is why you need to write quality posts to increase your target base. 


The podcasting revolution is here and we are here for it. Podcasting for your business could help you easily target your audience and grow your customer base. Podcast Insights revealed that about half of the US population has heard a podcast. This should be reason enough to expand your online reach by creating podcasts. Create audio blogs to better engage with listeners and promote your offerings.


People respond a lot better to visual marketing. The reason behind this is that our brain tends to better process visuals in comparison to text. This is why infographics can prove to be a lot more effective for your content marketing strategy. To create the perfect infographics, you need to find a balance between graphics and text. As long as it is easy to understand, you will increase brand engagement.


Since humans are visual creatures, it is important to include video in your content marketing strategy. Adding visuals is essential for taking your online content to the next level. It will allow you to be more competitive. Since consumers spend more time watching videos, it is important that you create a short and interesting video.  


Memes have taken over. They are hilarious and relatable. Meme marketing can help you keep your audience engaged. There are plenty of meme creation tools that you can use to create the perfect meme for your business. It will allow you to provide an enjoyable experience to your audience.

Case Studies 

To establish the credibility of your brand, you should showcase case studies. They effectively target your audience. Serious customers that are interested in your business would be interested in reading them.


Images should be included to attract visitors. Studies show that blogs that contain images tend to generate more views. Nobody enjoys scrolling through text-only content. This is why you should include pictures.

E-Books and Guides

Finally, you should also consider e-books and guides. They aim to educate your audience and help establish your authority as the market leader. Therefore, you should create e-books and guides for your audience.


Once you have finished reading this post, you would know about the 8 types of content marketing for online presence.