Creating a newsletter that generates maximum traffic is not an easy task. Although you might already know a lot about email marketing, it does not guarantee the highest possible amount of traffic. Since most of the content received by people from businesses ends up in spam folders, it is important that you craft the most efficient newsletter. However, there is no need to worry as this guide will help you create the perfect newsletter to boost clicks.

1. The Subject Line

The first thing that people notice when they see an email is the subject line. Just about every campaign depends on how effective the subject line is. Studies reveal that as much as half of all people that open emails rely on the subject line. It is spam reporting. Emails that have a promotional subject line are considered spam by almost 70 percent of people. Hence, you need to create a newsletter that has a powerful subject line that is mobile-friendly and gets through spam reporting. Make sure to not get bored and use the same subject line for every newsletter.

2. Sender Names

To boost user interaction, choose the best sender name. Nobody wants to read an email from an unknown person. Besides the subject line, email recipients notice the name of the sender before they open an email. Only renowned brands get away with only using their brand name. Therefore, it would be best to use a personal name to form a personal connection with the recipient.

3. The Right Templates

If you want to boost clicks for your newsletter, you need to choose the proper template. The newsletter needs to be aesthetically pleasing. There are certain specifications that need to be followed. For starters, the width of the email should not be more than 600px. When you use a marketing software application for designing the newsletter campaign, it would utilize that width. Just like you would optimize the subject line, you also need to optimize the email body for mobile users. Chances are that your target audience would read the email as a notification if it is not long.

4. Email Branding

There are many aspects to digital marketing, from email campaigns and search engine optimization to text message marketing. If there is one thing that people should instantly recognize, it is the fact that all your emails are a part of the brand. For instance, if you have a unique brand logo or graphics, make sure to incorporate them in your email. It will help boost recognition, trust, and engagement.

5. Selecting Fonts

Fonts tend to be an overlooked aspect of newsletter design. Typography is of immense importance when it comes to newsletter aesthetics. Keep in mind that newsletters appear differently on different myriad email clients, websites, and browsers. Use bold format to emphasize something. Readability should be the goal.


Once you have gone over this guide, you will have no trouble creating a newsletter that will generate maximum clicks.