I’m sure you’ve seen many people blogging and sharing their thoughts and experiences with others but perhaps you feel you have nothing to write don’t really understand why you should be blogging at all. Think again.

There are many important reasons to blog.

1. You can create a base for all of your social media efforts by posting all of your articles in one place and from there link them onto your social media accounts.

2. You can establish yourself as an expert. As I said in an earlier blog post you are an expert in your field and you know a lot about your profession others don’t. You can really give valuable information to others and everybody who reads your blog post and finds your information valuable becomes a potential customer, somebody who knows that you are the one to go to.

3. You can build trust by having a well established website with a blog with lots of comments. People asking questions and getting answers to their queries.

4. By posting frequently, at least once a week your website will show activity to the search engines. It will look like an island with signs of life. You can also set your website up to notify the search engines every time you post a new article. This will help in your site getting indexed by the search engine and move you up on the search results.

5. Adding more content (blog posts) will also establish your site as an information center in your profession. For example if you are a landscaper and you keep writing about your new projects you just finished and describe them. Using keywords and naming your pictures accordingly will help your organic ranking in the long run. Keyword density is very important. Try to use the main profession related terms in your articles.

If you are not convince yet that you need a blog call us and we will further enlighten you on it.