Businesses spend most of their time and money on developing and capturing customers. Once there is a repeat customer, the objective is to retain that customer for as long as possible. The repeat customers allow you to grow your business. However, contacting existing customers is not easy. But, if you are unable to contact customers enough, they would feel that you do not value them. Thus, they will start to look elsewhere. On the other hand, when you contact customers a lot, they would consider you irritating.

The fact is that when internet experts discuss email marketing, they tend to be careful when considering existing customers. Although approach existing customers through marketing can be somewhat different, the main goal is to generate more revenue. This guide takes a close look at email marketing for targeting existing customers. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

1. Know Your Existing Customers

To ensure that your email marketing efforts are effective, you need to know your existing customers. It will enable you to customize the campaign to meet their individual needs. Since your sales and marketing team has already gathered a ton of information on every customer, you can leverage this information for developing effective ways to maintain contact. The easiest way to keep in touch is by updating clients on things that they are likely to find interesting. You can craft emails that discuss the latest updates about products that are similar or complementary to what customers might have purchased in the past.

2. Be Personal

The secret to a long-lasting relationship with customers is being personal. Every successful internet marketing company draws information from customers and uses it for maintaining regular contact with them. To inspire customers to provide their personal information, you should create a website that is filled with interesting pages. Thus, you would gain a glimpse into their lives. The information obtained can be used for sending personalized emails to show customers that you care about them.

3. Company Updates

When customers come into contact with a business, they tend to have a level of concern for that business. This means that when customers buy your products, they want to know that your company will be around to serve them. To ensure that clients are informed about your company, you need to update them. Company updates make for amazing emails. Tell customers about your latest successes. It will help strengthen their loyalty and show them that you are an industry leader. When sharing company updates, you can also get more personal by asking customers for feedback. Chances are that they would be delighted to respond.


There is no denying that email marketing offers an incredible tool to companies that want to engage with their existing customers to grow their revenue. The best thing about emails is that they are easy to read and effectively convey the desired information to customers. As your business grows, make sure to take advantage of email marketing.