You need active leads to increase sales and revenue. A website helps populate your sales funnel with qualified leads. These are people who have searched for information related to your product or brand and are more likely to purchase from you. Use your website to generate leads and populate your sales funnel for increased brand awareness, authority, and revenue. This article will explain four lesser-known tips for lead generation using your website.

Using Your Website to Generate Leads

Most designers recommend adding pop-up boxes, opt-in forms, and other contact information collectors to website optimization for lead generation. However, it takes more than just a great CTA to convert website visitors into leads.

Try out these lesser-known ways to generate qualified leads from your website!

1. Showcase Your Contact Number

Showcasing an official contact number on your website helps establish trust and credibility. It’s a simple gesture that establishes a direct line of communication.

While website visitors submit queries and contact details using lead forms, they know you’re only a phone call away. This helps you stand out from your competitors, and encourages potential customers to consider purchasing from you.

2. Adding a Live Chat Function

Most business owners perceive live chat as a customer support tool. However, it offers more potential than that. Live chat helps you initiate conversations with website visitors, which in turn increases the likelihood of converting them into leads.

To start, ask your website design agency to find a reliable widget or plugin to integrate the live chat feature on your site. After that, draft a simple and comprehensible message that’s automatically displayed when visitors land on a web page.

3. Incorporate CTA’s Throughout Your Website – Not Just on the Homepage

In 2021, the only people who aren’t aware of the benefits of using well-crafted CTAs are those who are living under a rock. Any reputable website design company will tell you that appealing CTAs are essential for conversions and generating leads.

However, using conventional CTAs, such as ‘Click Here,’ ‘Download Now,’ ‘Register Here,’ etc., is no longer sufficient. Instead, your call-to-actions will be much more effective if they are dynamic and personalized. Work with your web design agency to develop CTAs that can be tailored to individual website visitors.

4. Use Social Proof – Testimonials, Reviews, Case Studies

Client reviews and testimonials inspire trust and credibility. They tell new website visitors that you have an established business that is competent and knowledgeable. Additionally, they help potential customers learn more about your brand from the perspective of existing customers.

It is important to add testimonials and reviews to your website’s home page and product/service pages to encourage website users to share their contact information with you and consider purchasing your products.

Final Words

Generating high-quality leads is essential for any successful business, and the right website layout and design can play a big role in generating qualified leads. By utilizing tools such as personalized CTAs, client testimonials, live chat, and chatbots, you can transform website visitors into leads.