There’s no such thing as unimportant communication when you’re a business owner and the communication in question is happening between you and a potential client. If you think that just because something is a draft or a proposal, and not the real thing. It doesn’t count – think again. Every time you appear in front of your potential customers or clients. Every time something that has anything to do with you and your business appears before them. They are forming an impression. Drafts need to look great. Proposals need to be done to very high standards. Casual communication with clients can never be completely casual because you need to have control over the image you’re projecting.

But let’s keep our focus on written copy. There’s a lot of copy tied to any modern business. There’s the copy on the business’ website, social media profiles, and marketing materials. Those are the examples of the copy you expect to be seen by a larger number of people. It only makes sense to give it an edge that will help it convert potential clients into new clients.

All Communication Counts

However, that’s not all written copy associated with the business. Businesses communicate with other businesses – that is, people from one business communicate with the people from another business. Businesses also communicate with the members of the general public. People who might be interested in using the businesses’ services or products. And people will form opinions based on how well that communication went, so if you at any time appear disorganized in the communication, you’ll create the opinion that your business has a problem with organization. It’s as simple as that – all copy your business uses projects an image, and if you want that image to be favorable for you, you need to take charge of it.

Consistency is Paramount

Big brands know how important it is to have consistency throughout all the communication material they produce. From their ad copy to their company slogan, the copy on display in their place of business – everything comes together to create a brand image. That’s the first thing people will think of when they see the brand logo, and to create it and drive it into people’s minds, consistency is of key importance. Regardless of the channel, regardless of the person on the receiving end of it – all communication needs to be consistent because all communication is an opportunity for marketing.

Speak to the Masses Like you Speak to a Single Person

The trick to creating great communication copy that sells is to create it to be intimate, but appealing to a lot of people. You don’t want to write copy for your business that addresses the masses. You want to create a copy that addresses people one-on-one. Drawing them in the way a good book does. And giving them the information they need in the process. If you can, create copy that connects with people on a human level – that helps drive the point home and embed a good impression of your company in people’s minds. And remember – all communication is marketing; all communication is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression that might drum up business.