What a digital coupon can do goes beyond the normal special flyers and Sunday newspapers. Today, more and more customers are looking for reliable digital coupons which can be loaded on their smart phone app. This special app reduces the requirement of showing multiple slips of coupons everywhere—especially when buying products. And for the benefits of your business, there’s a way to make the most of this demand, too. How? By taking on digital coupons while simultaneously giving customers some sorts of savings!

Do you want to do this marketing strategy more efficiently than the traditional way of couponing? To make the most of this type of marketing, there are essential factors to consider. Here, we’ve got six top secrets to effective marketing using digital coupons. Let’s tackle these marketing secrets individually:

Top secret #1 – Include visible appeal on digital coupons.

The use of digital coupons is the smartest way to create impressive and colorful content. With that, potential customers can’t resist looking at your message on coupons. Investing in a good graphic design makes coupons look more professional. So don’t forget to incorporate in your coupons these two vital components: business logo and the photos of your product. Always use bright colors and quality fonts to highlight your coupon’s visual appeal.

On the other hand, the use of free coupon maker is also useful, for the fact that it gives more savings. However, be careful not to hire an inexperienced coupon designer. While such designer can give you immediate savings, the result may not give a long-term benefit. Often, an inexperienced designer produces substandard coupon designs which may not be acceptable to your customers.

Top secret #2 – Use email to contain your digital coupons.

To succeed in your email marketing, you can incorporate your digital coupons to client’s email. As long as you have your customer’s email address, your digital coupon works for the best marketing strategy while at the same time upgrading clients on discounts and special offers.

Good coupons can be sent through their email, adding a barcode which is scanned by your POS system. Give your cashier a code to use so that customers can do well with the barcode. The code given to cashier will prevent problems in case barcodes are not properly recognized in smartphones. The convenience here is that customers can go to stores and get discounts without necessarily printing out some coupons.

Top secret #3 – Find and work with a coupon distributor.

Websites like Valpak.com efficiently delivers digital coupons of various types through their current customers. They target directly their customers who are known to be interested in using their local coupons. Right now, coupons are also combined with Google Wallet. It simply means that consumers can just click on “Save Offer to Google” button in accessing coupons as customers go near the checkout stand.

Create an effective text campaign by making a sensible feeling of exclusiveness. Your customers will feel they are in exclusive discount once they get your personalized message. They’ll realize that a discount is not given to others but exclusively to them using text messages. However, limit the length of text to ensure receivers will feel happy about it. Give them the reason to gladly receive your text message instead of being annoyed. Many people have also the limited number of letters on their mobile phones, so send only quality offers. Use text messages like “25% discount on your total purchases” or “purchase one and get free beverages.”

Top secret #4 – Target specifically your right audience.

Through geo-targeting, many businesses can get more profits when using GPS technology. This technology allows you to discover when customers are near you. Once they drop by to your area, you can give them some digital coupons. Business can use the geo-targeting with their apps that will give notification to their mobile phone once customers are near their place.

This technology may not, all the time, give good results because notifications tend to be an irritant to customers. Make sure you have an option for them to stop receiving notifications if these things often disturb the customers.

Top secret #5 – Boost the power of sharing to friends and followers.

A single-click button sharing is very helpful if you want to include your digital coupons to social media. Then your coupons will share instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media networks. And the result? More customers can join in because they received the coupons through their friends and followers.

To get more customers, you can include incentives when your customers shared your coupons to others. You can reward loyal customers giving them some free items or discounts. It’s a great strategy that once customers are given rewards for giving recommendations, the more they want to share your offers to other friends and followers.

Top secret #6 – Measure your good results.

As each promotional offer reaches its expiration date, do some reports to determine how successful your digital coupon marketing is. If you do this from the start, you’ll find you have a great benchmark when making a comparison with your current and future efforts. This way, you’ll be able to twist your online coupons in gauging which promotions are most effective on consumers you want to reach.

If you allow users to use digital coupons within different demographics, then you can collect information to figure out the most responsive demographic area. Monitoring the campaign success can also be done through customers return with no coupon. You will also identify which customers go to the location because there are digital coupons offers.

Shopping among customers has changed the way the world lives—over the past years. Consumers become more aware about the price and they become smarter in buying a brand if given digital coupons for their savings.