If you want to make the most of video marketing, you need to learn more about the best types of marketing videos. Each type of marketing video allows you to expand your outreach. As we live in an extremely competitive world, it is crucial that you know which type of marketing video to use. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the top 7 types of marketing videos.

Customer Testimonial Videos

One of the most popular types of marketing videos is customer testimonial videos. Since customers are the best ambassadors, it is important that you take advantage of them by creating customer testimonial videos of your products. If there are any customers who are willing to make videos about your product or service, you can reward them for their effort. Customer testimonial videos make a good impression on customers and convince them to purchase from you.

How-To Videos

To educate customers on how to use your products or services, you need to make how-to videos. They are also called instructional videos, DIY videos, and tutorials. Thus, your customers will learn through a step-by-step process. Training customers to use your products or services by producing how-to videos has become commonplace.

Demo Videos

Another great way to showcase the features of your products is by creating demonstration videos. They work wonders for your marketing campaign. You can even incorporate infographics, images, and animation to enhance the influence of your message. To create the perfect demo video, you have to offer a walk-through of your product or service.

Product Review Videos

Product review videos provide comprehensive information about a product or service in comparison to what competitors have to offer. By highlighting the features, you get to increase the understanding of customers and convince them to purchase your product or service. Product review videos help build trust with your target audience.

Explainer Videos

Although explainer videos and demo videos might seem similar, explainer videos focus on how your product or service can help customers. The explainer video aims to break down complicated concepts and clearly communicates the unique attributes. Explainer videos act as a manual as they help your customers navigate how to use your product or service.

Podcast Videos

Podcast videos have become incredibly popular in recent times. As people are always on the go, they tune into podcast videos to listen to their passion. To become a market leader, you need to produce podcast videos. They help boost your popularity.

Advertising Video

Advertising videos are very important as they allow you to inform viewers about the benefits of using your products or services. You can also post these videos on YouTube or display them as ads. The main purpose of advertising videos is that they help persuade your customers to buy your products or service.


Once you have gone over our post, you will know about the different types of marketing videos and when you should use them. Remember, each video type serves a purpose.