Many shoppers conduct their business online, so an email is vital for connecting with them. By segmenting your customer base and using cross-channel communication, you can reach out to them more personally and engagingly. Conversion rates will consequently increase.

Here are the top 6 facts about email marketing everyone should know about.

#1- Segmentation Is Essential

Your customers want to feel valued – sending generic emails shows them they’re just another number to you. Fortunately, today’s email campaigns can easily be personalized with AI software.

This software groups customers into segments based on data like shopping habits and opening rates, so you can send template emails that are personalized for each group.

#2- Tailor Email Campaigns Based on Demographic Data

You can segment your customers by collecting age, gender, and location data. This data lets you know about each customer’s needs and preferences.

The best plan is to settle on your business’s most useful metrics. For example, gender would be key to creating your email segments if you’re marketing a clothing line.

#3- Tailor Emails Based on Emails and Past Purchases

You can use data from email engagement to group your customers. Segmenting by engagement with Mailchimp is quick and easy. Clicking on the “Activity” tab gives you various options to categorize your subscriber’s behavior.

You can also segment your customers based on their interaction with your products. Past purchases amount spent, and time since the most recent purchase is all data that can help you send personalized emails.

#4- Tailor Email Campaigns to Website Behavior

You can group your customers on your site according to their behavior, and targeted emails can be effective.

Use BeamPulse to track customers’ scrolling, clicking, and time spent on the site, and use Mailchimp’s “Goals” feature to send emails based on website interactions.

#5- Use Emails, SMS, and Website Popups to Send Omnichannel Communications

You need to engage your audience to stay ahead of the competition constantly. A great way to do this is by using email and SMS marketing. This allows you to deliver timely call-to-action messages to your customers.

Once you build a list of subscribers, you can reach them with marketing ads at no cost. A TechJury survey found that 75% of mobile users don’t mind receiving texts from brands if they have opted in.

A successful marketing tactic is to incorporate text messaging into your email campaign. Knowing when and how to use each let you cross-promote your brand seamlessly.

#6- Use Challenges and Promotions to Make Emails More Effective

More and more eCommerce marketers are incorporating email campaigns into their strategies, raising the bar for engagement. Your emails can stand out with interactive marketing.

Gamification is a great way to increase engagement in your email campaigns. By incorporating mini-games, you can add excitement and competition to your emails. But remember to keep the games relevant to your products, industry, or brand.

To sum it up, if you want to stand out from your competitors in email marketing, you can use all these 6 trends.