CRM Software Development

The simpliest example of this is collecting our clients’ names and e-mail addresses in a customer registration system. This makes it possible for us to send messages for several clients at the same time, we can even schedule those messages setting when those are to be sent, and we can set special conditions about the delivery.

One of the most complex client management systems is the SAP, this can combine a huge amount of data. This is the other end, and taking into consideration the complexity and the price of the software, this satisfies the demand only for a certain customer group.

Most companies don’t want either the simplest or the most complex system. What they want is a custom CRM system which satisfies exactly what they need. This is a custom CRM system helping them to save money, time and energy.

Some Custom CRM Programs We Developed

  • CRM system for hair salons storing for example the client’s name, what service he or she got, any kind of discount or coupon, what kind of materials his or her hair needs, etc.
  • Another example is a CRM system made for a company teaching motorbike racing: California Superbike. Here the data had to be organized in a special way and we developed a CRM system to achieve this.

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