Did you know that email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your business? In fact, the estimated ROI for an average campaign is over $40 for every $1 you spend; there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be working on a great email marketing plan!

In this current climate, many businesses are struggling – but that’s all the more reason to continue with your hard work. Don’t give up now; sure, you might not be making as much as you potentially could be, though you do have a lot more free time to reflect on your company and work out how you can excel in the future.

The best time is NOW

As a business owner, you already know just how much work it takes to run a successful, growing company and in the past, you’ve likely spent more time working IN the business than ON it. COVID-19 is a threat to many companies – especially those that are unable to provide a service from home. Fewer customers are shopping for non-essentials, leaving start-ups and even established businesses struggling for cash.

That doesn’t need to be you.

NOW is the time to invest in a killer marketing campaign: just because people aren’t currently shopping, doesn’t mean that they won’t be in the future. If you can establish yourself as a relevant, authoritative company, you’ll quickly overtake your competition in terms of visibility.

Many businesses, including your competitors, will not be able to continue operating after the coronavirus; that means YOUR business can take the top spot, dominating the field and guaranteeing an exponentially growing customer base.

The steps you need to take

There’s no question as to why you should be focussing your efforts on continuously promoting your business – though you might not know the best ways to proceed.

In order to improve your visibility, you’ll need to drastically increase your outflow of communication. Keep your clients and customers updated with everything that you do, and provide (relevant) helpful tips to help them manage throughout their quarantine. A lot of small businesses are really slowing down in these difficult times; whilst it’s easy to understand why they’ve taken a backseat, it’s important to realize that doing so will only harm your businesses. One strategy that you might try is offering discounts on certain products; this will instill an element of trust between yourself and your customers, potentially leading to a longer-term relationship! No matter how slow things look at the moment, keep promoting to your clients and prospects! Don’t let your business fade out; use your ongoing momentum to become a reliable, recognizable, and survivable brand.

How Kexworks can help

At Kexworks, we want nothing more than to see you succeed. With years of experience in online marketing, we can help to promote your business through a range of communication methods – ensuring that your products are seen by the right people.

We won’t just help you to set up your email marketing campaign; we’ll assist with creating engaging, irresistible marketing strategies that your customers won’t be able to ignore