People come to your website, maybe visit a few pages, and then leave. Perhaps they are just not ready to buy yet, but the problem is you won’t have a chance to persuade them once they leave. Unless you manage to get their emails and continue communicating with them.

How do you do that without being intrusive and spammy? Here are 5 smart, non-intrusive and very effective methods you can use to capture emails on your website.

Coupons and Bonuses

Offer your new visitors an extra reason to make their first purchase. First-time discounts, coupons, bonuses, can be a great incentive, and if you deliver them via email, your prospective customers will be more willing to share their emails with you. Just make sure you don’t make them feel like they are trading their contact information for these discounts.

Sign-Up for Trainings or Webinars

You surely have valuable information you can share with your customers and leads. If you host a free training or webinar on topics that matter to your audience, it will help you attract new leads and build trust with them. Create a quick sign-up form for your training, and you’ll be capturing emails of interested, engaged leads you can later convert into customers.

Free Downloadable Materials

Like webinars and trainings, valuable content gives you an opportunity to get new emails of people who are potentially interested in your service. Free downloadable ebooks, case studies, or white papers are a relatively easy way to do that. But make sure you create a valuable, well-researched and meaningful piece of content, so that your leads don’t feel disappointed with their download. It will be much harder for you to convert them into customers, if you don’t deliver on your initial promise.

Tests and Quizzes

People love taking various tests, even if they realize they won’t get a science-based result. Depending on your audience, your test can be entertaining or serious, practical (like which haircut suits you) or psychological. Figure out a question that matters for your target audience, do some research, and let your lead generation begin! Just don’t forget to add a field that captures emails before or after the test (e.g., your leads may be required to type their email in order to get the results).

Promise of Special Offers Alerts

Perhaps your visitors are looking for best deals on garden furniture, or for two-bedroom homes in a particular neighborhood. Figure out what they are looking for and offer to deliver them new relevant deals to their inbox. For this tactic to work, you’ll need to segment your email list carefully and send custom offers to each segment.

You don’t have to be annoying or intrusive to get that thing people now value the most – their private contact information. If your website visitors share their emails willingly, you have much better chances to build a positive relationship with them and ultimately make them your customers. What email capture methods work for your business? We’d love to hear them in the comments.