We Made It!
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We Made It!

We Made It!

We hope that you made it through Irma and can put things back to normal over the next couple of days, week.

After a rough week our office has power again!

We spent the last couple of days cleaning up in our apartment complex and helping some other less fortunate people in our neighborhood with various cleanup projects. We helped removed the fallen roof off of 4 cars in a 55+ community, cleaned up trees and debris in another street, and went back and sealed the roof so the tenants are protected from any upcoming rain before a roofing company can come out and fix the roof permanently.

The cleanup projects are not over yet, but for now, we are back in business and ready to help you with your website project!

Let us know if we can help you with your marketing needs.


Patricia Nemeth

Patricia Nemeth is the CEO and founder of KexWorks, a Clearwater Web Design Company. You can find her on Twitter. Over the past 8 years, Patricia has provided web design services and internet marketing services to more than 800 businesses.