Based on 69 reviews
Olsi Nasi
Olsi Nasi
January 29, 2024
I had the pleasure to work with Patricia on my website creation. She is very good at what she does and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Patricia for all your work. 5 ⭐️
Richard Wallace
Richard Wallace
January 23, 2024
Patricia Nemeth at KexWorks is by far the best at what she does. I was truly impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail. She is extremely easy to work with and more importantly delivers an exceptional product. I am extremely pleased with her work and highly recommend KexWorks.
Adam Avery
Adam Avery
January 18, 2024
I have been working with Patricia and KexWorks on a redesign and rebuild of my website. I had originally built myvown with no clue what I was doing. Patricia spent the time to reallybfind out what functions and information that I needed and wanted for my website and she built it beautifully. An utter professional in everytbing she does, I would 10/10 reccomend her to anyone needing a website made newly or a website updated to bring it up to modern times
Bruce Silton
Bruce Silton
November 21, 2023
Patricia Nemeth's expert, rapidly completed maintenance of my math educator's website at a low monthly fee is greatly appreciated. I am indeed fortunate to have such a truly caring professional as my web guru. Lucky me!
aniko heczei
aniko heczei
November 20, 2023
KexWorks makes really nice and professional flyers, they are quick, trustable and flexible.
Norbert Bacsko
Norbert Bacsko
August 2, 2023
The website design service offered by KexWorks is truly impressive! They crafted a visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing website for my brand. The modern layout, seamless navigation, and perfect presentation of content surpassed my expectations. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a captivating online presence!
Kelly Morfopoulos
Kelly Morfopoulos
March 16, 2023
Patricia is an unbelievable web developer. Super professional, always great with communication, always willing to help and offer advice, support and experience related to her business. I highly recommend her not only professionally but also as a great contact to connect with!
Daniele G. L.
Daniele G. L.
February 20, 2023
I have done a few projects with Kex Works, Patricia and her team. The quality of their work has been excellent! Their Customer Support has always been fast and took care of the details. However, what I liked even more is that I had a stable team and was able to communicate with them rapidly and any questions or changes was rapidly taken care! I highly recommend it!
Lina Sabaliauskiene
Lina Sabaliauskiene
February 17, 2023
It was very professional, trustworthy, creative, very satisfied with my business website.

“I have engaged many web design professionals over the past 20 years. Unfortunately, I didn’t engage the most talented web designer, Patricia Nemeth of KexWorks, until this year. She has amazing talent and professionalism. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants the best result for the design of their website.”

R. M., Palm Harbor, FL
“I had been using the same web guy for years. I am a one guy auto repair shop and have been in business for 15 years. My only complaint to him was unless you know the EXACT name of my business you can’t find me on the internet. He came up with a Huge plan of how we were going to fix this(a total of 8 websites pointing at the main one). After 4 months of the project not being completed I was talking to a friend and asked who they use. He recommended Patrica from Kexworks. She was nice enough to talk to me about my problem and her advice made sense, But I was into the project financially too much with the other guy and he kept asking for more time and I know he was trying, But after 10 months, And my main website crashed he gave up. I had been on the phone with Godaddy for hours with them trying to fix it. I hired Patrica and am very happy i did! I moved forward with her let her start over with my website so we didn’t have any problems. She has also given me instructions on other things I need to do to help my website appear in Google search. I Highly recommenced her and Thanks so much Patrica!!!”
J. D., FL
“Patricia is a very knowledgeable professional and got our website setup properly in a very timely manner. I highly recommend her to any of my clients needing a new website for their business.”
DVC Signs, Seminole, FL
“I have worked with KexWorks on several websites and have been really happy with the quality and speed of the work. A competent and friendly company that I recommend!”
H. H., Clearwater, FL
“Kexworks did a wonderful job on my website. They were patient, kind, and had everything finished in a timely manner. I highly recommend Kexworks for all of your website needs.”
R. S., St. Petersburg, FL
“I have referred them to several of my customers. They really work to understand your business and then they create a great website – even ones with shopping carts. If you hate to deal with your websites, don’t worry, they will handle it.”
D. B., Dunedin, FL
“An absolute pleasure to work with! It’s not often you find a web developer that you actually enjoy working with but in this case it was a a breeze. Patricia was responsive to our every need and took the time to make sure that our website was exactly how we wanted while offering her expertise to make sure the final product looked like our vision. Any suggestions we made were handled quickly, professionally and to our exact standards. I will be telling all my business associates moving forward that may be looking for a web developer to look no further than Kexworks. Excellent company to work with and you won’t be disappointed.”
TransVega Logistics, Greater Tampa Bay Area, FL
“Working with Patricia was fun and easy. Even though I didn’t know much about web design, she was there with me every step and answer all my questions. She is very professional. I highly recommend her!!!.”
S. A., Clearwater, FL
“Patrica is so knowledgeable and so helpful when helping you design and create the perfect website. She’s prompt and has great follow thru. I highly recommend her and will continue to use her services.”
S. L., Greater Tampa Bay Area, FL

“Patricia was great!!! Understood exactly what was needed. Delivered an aesthetic crisp product, for an affordable price! I highly recommend!!”

R. H., Clearwater, FL
“I needed to have my image for my website changed quickly, only needed to change one letter, but I had no artwork,. I not only got the image I wanted, but I like it better than the old one. Very reasonable priced. When I get to redoing the look of my site, I will use Patricia again.”
C. D., Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, US

“Patricia was a pleasure to work with she was extremely pleasant and professional. She was done my website within a reasonable timeframe and she kept me updated through the whole thing. She also kept her word and gave me the 1 hr training stated in her contract so I could learn how to add onto my website. She went along with everything I asked her to do with no hesitation.”

B. H., Kissimmee, FL

“I used Patricia at KexWorks to update both of my web sites and she did an amazing create with me. She is quite knowledgeable and creative and helped me get exactly what I wanted to achieve with my sites. And…she consulted with me and helped me get my email marketing going. I am looking forward to stellar results with my online sales. Thanks so much for the creativity, advice and service. We will be doing more!!!”

J. P., Clearwater, FL

“KexWorks did an excellent job on my website – I am very pleased. They took my concept and created exactly what I wanted, at a very reasonable rate. I highly recommend.”

T. A., Clearwater, FL

“I had a rather dated and lackluster website, which I never touched. I did not like to tell people about my website, because I was a bit embarrassed. Well, Patricia came along and totally transformed the site! I am beyond delighted! It is light and bright, with a current look and feel. She inserted some clever features, and I’m very excited to tell everyone about the site. Call Patricia to help you with your website needs. You’ll be glad you did! Starr Armstrong of Five Starr Staging & Redesign. Check out my site!”

S. A., St. Petersburg, FL

“They did a great job for me. Exactly what I asked for, reasonable rates, will use again. Highly recommend.”

T. G., St. Petersburg, FL

“I am a commercial Realtor. Patricia of Kex Works does a wonderful job of listening to what you are trying to accomplish with your website and then offering suggestions. This was important to me as I was not familiar with promoting myself online independently of my Commercial Real Estate Broker.
She guided me through the process of getting the best content and was great at collaboration, by moving things around the website as we were exchanging ideas. She would adjust it right before my eyes so we could immediately see how that idea improved or didn’t improve it. You really get the feeling that she is on your team and helping drive the customer to and through your website in a way that is optimal. I highly recommend her.”

M. S., Seminole, FL

“Excellent! Patricia has built two websites for us recently and is incredible. So kind and patient and willing to suggest and advise when we needed direction. I would highly recommend KexWorks to anyone who will listen.”

D. B., Clearwater, FL

“Patricia at KexWorks Web Design delivers an amazing product! She is honest and cares about her clients and community.”

B. H., Seminole, FL

“Working with Patricia to develop websites is a pleasure. She is very knowledgeable, interested in the objectives for the website and makes sure things get done on time. Her follow-up to make sure everything is working as expected with customer satisfaction is great. You can trust her to get the job done.”

J. H., Dunedin, FL

“As a math tutor with 17+ years of experience helping young people, I have learned many effective ways of teaching math. So, starting ten years ago (2007), I began writing about my successful teaching methods. I wrote and wrote and illustrated hundreds and hundreds of pages about how to teach math to kids so that they really learn their math and are able to use it in their lives.
In 2014, I decided to build a website that would contain all this knowledge. Since, I had already built a fine website as an artist and a designer (in 2009), I thought that I could build a website for my math books and papers as well. I tried…and failed. I failed so completely that I was ready to give up.
Then, a friend of mine (the writer, Bonnie Paull) recommended the website designer, Patricia Nemeth, who had designed and built Bonnie a beautiful writer’s website.
So, I hired Patricia to help me create my own math educator’s website, MathCreativity.com. Thus began a happy and immensely valuable collaboration between myself and this friendly, helpful, tolerant (of my mistakes) and highly intelligent professional. The product is a spectacularly successful website that has enabled me to properly communicate my ideas to other educators.
If you need a website, I recommend Patricia highly. I especially recommend her for larger, more involved projects. If you visit MathCreativity.com, you will immediately notice that my website is not a simple thing. It is large. It contains many, many parts. Putting it all together into a coherent whole and making it work required Patricia’s great skill with a computer and her good communication.
Thank you, Patricia!”

B. S., Clearwater, FL

“Patricia is professional, efficient, and gets your job done how you want it.”

S. D., St. Petersburg, FL
“Patricia, at KexWorks, is great to work with. She met with us to get to know us, who we were and what we wanted to accomplish. She took her time, each step of the way, to make certain we were satisfied with our website design.
She is very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely patient. Always available to answer questions, to help and to make changes. We love our finished product that she helped to create!”
K. M., St. Petersburg, FL
“Creative, great service, very knowledgable! Highly recommend Patricia and her team!”
J. B., Seminole, FL
“I’m extremely impressed with the work Patricia Nemeth did for me. She was efficient, timely, listened to what I wanted and figured out how to provide it. Since I was only formulating my ideas when I contacted her, she had to do a number of iterations on the site. She showed endless patience and was quite knowledgable. She was willing to redo anything I asked her to without a question and she worked with me until I got it right. I love my website! and would definitely hire Patricia again. I am happy to refer Patricia and KexWorks Web Design!!”
J. K. W. , Oceanside, CA
“Working with Patricia Nemeth and KexWorks Web Design has been an enlightening and educational experience for me. With Patricia’s expert guidance and infinite patience, together we were able to create a website that is aesthetic, informative and effective for my purposes as a writer.
This is the first website process in which I was fully engaged and where I was able to communicate back and forth with the expert to achieve the desired result. The entire process was rehabilitating to me as a writer and forced me to view my own history and my products, some of which had been totally forgotten. Needless to say, I learned a whole lot and people viewing the site are enthusiastic. Most recently a friend said, “Your site is absolutely fantastic, very professional and presents you work excellently!” What more could I ask? Thank you Patricia. You are a PRO!!!”
B. P. , Clearwater, FL
“I am a one guy auto repair shop and have been in business for 15 years. I was talking to a friend and asked who they use for website design. He recommended Patrica from Kexworks. She was nice enough to talk to me about my problem and her advice made sense. I hired Patrica and am very happy I did! She has given me instructions on other things I need to do to help my website appear in Google search. I Highly recommenced her and Thanks so much Patrica!!!”
J. D. , Largo, FL
“Patricia’s work is very light and aesthetic. She is full of great ideas and turns in great products. I would totally recommend her work to others.”
V. R., Clearwater, FL
“KexWorks has helped my company on multiple occasions with our website. She did a beautiful job with it!”
G. S., Tampa, FL
“Patricia took over the development of my website after a previous company failed to provide the needed customer service. Patricia has exceeded my expectations as KexWorks gave my company all the support I needed and always in timely manner. She looks at my business as it was her’s giving me the best possible consultation all with the premise of expanding my business. I would diffidently recommend here to anyone.”
J. U. , Tampa, FL
“Patricia took over the development of my website after a previous company failed to provide the needed customer service. Patricia has exceeded my expectations as KexWorks gave my company all the support I needed and always in timely manner. She looks at my business as it was her’s giving me the best possible consultation all with the premise of expanding my business. I would diffidently recommend here to anyone.”
J. U. , Tampa, FL
“We recently used Patricia and KexWorks Web Design to re-vamp our Law Firm Web Site, The attention to detail they put into every aspect of re-designing and publishing our site was spot on, efficient, professional and cost effective. They took to time to get to know our business and our specific wants and needs, and developed a specific product for us, rather than a cookie cutter web site. I highly recommend KexWorks !!”
S. H., Law Firm, Clearwater, FL
“Patricia did an awesome job building the website for my daycare. I am extremely satisfied with her work. Looking forward to do business with her in the near future. Thank you.”
A. G. , Daycare, Dunedin, FL
“I’m so pleased with your work Patricia, thank you my friend. I’ve seen the website it looks great and I love it. Thank you again.”
W. E. , Karate School, Clearwater, FL
“Excellent product! Our website has been amazing at helping us pull in an incredible amount of local business. Every time I need help with something, I can call or email and my problem is handled immediately. Thanks for making my life easier!”
K. H. , Learning Center, Clearwater, FL
“KexWorks is fantastic! I have worked with KexWorks for many years and have referred many of my own clients to them. They do amazing work and have always been great to work with.”
J. B., Largo, FL
“Working with KexWorks has been a pleasure since day one. They did everything I had requested and it all went together without a hitch.
Thank you KexWorks!”
C. O., Clearwater, FL
“Effective & efficient. Great customer Service to boot!”
M. T., Greater Tampa Bay Area , FL
“Kexworks delivers beyond client expectations. What more could one ask for?!”
R. J. K., Clearwater, FL
“Being on social media and provide quality content is key for me and my business. KexWorks was able to not only handle all of my requests with enough attention to detail but patience to understand and work with last minute requests. I highly recommend KexWorks for anyone looking to make an impact with their website and make their company stand out. With all of my business coming from online, it is extremely important for me to be on my A game and Patricia is able to make me look like a rockstar. I highly recommend Patricia and would strongly encourage you to give her a call!
M. O., Impact Media Agency, St. Petersburg, FL
“Excellent work designing my website!”
J. B., Clearwater , FL
“Great experience and worth her weight in gold!”
V. P., St. Pete, FL
“Thank you!”
S. W., Clearwater, FL

“I’ve worked with many web developers and find that they can usually handle technical work without a hitch, but lack in two key areas. Kexworks excels at both.

The first is a holistic understanding of how a website must contribute towards growth of a business. With their understanding of marketing and business concepts I have been very impressed with how a site developed and managed by Kexworks proactively drives business growth.

Second, and this is very important, the team at Kexworks actually listens to clients and patiently works to help them understand the web strategy being implemented and how it’ll help the business.

Cannot recommend them highly enough!”

M. K., Greater Tampa Bay Area, FL

“I have worked with many website designers over the years. Patricia and the KexWorks team have been phenomenal in every way. I described to Patricia the site I wanted and furnished her specific copy, pictures and videos. When she started asking questions I told her just to use her own creativeness and build a site that made her happy.

The resultant website is way more than I expected, way better than I expected and way better than if I had answered those questions. She understood perfectly my description and waved her magic wand, creating a magnificent website that functions perfectly.

My wife and I also use KexWorks for a monthly maintenance plan on several websites to keep things operating at maximum efficiency as well as security protection.

I fully recommend Patricia and KexWorks for ALL your web presence requirements.”

J. A., Clearwater FL

“Patricia is one of the best Web Designers/Internet Marketers out there. We hired her to create a website for us and not only was she super responsive but the website looked great. If you need a new website or need a refresh to a old website give KexWorks a call.”

J. D., Greater Tampa Bay Area, FL

“Patricia helped me with my internet marketing. Even after the job was done, she went the extra mile to make sure I have visibility on the internet. I recommend her highly.”

K. W., Largo, FL
“If you are looking for a great technician to fix your web and or create a new one, KexWorks can make it happen!”
B. K., Business Coach, St. Petersburg, FL
“Patricia Nemeth with KexWorks recently did a website for me from the ground up. I literally gave her some written information and she used that to create a beautiful, multi-page website for a very reasonable price! Patricia has been very responsive to any changes I request and gets them done very quickly. I would highly recommend KexWorks for your website needs!”
J. E., Seminole, FL
“Patricia of KexWorks created an amazing website for us that is already getting attention from across the country which has resulted in new business for us. “Very Professional” and “Easy to navigate your services” are just a couple of the comments we are receiving. We at Keck Investigation Service, LLC would like to send out an appreciative Thank You to Patricia for all her hard work and recommend her services to anyone looking to create or improve their website.”
M.L., St. Petersburg, FL
“KexWorks delivered great website work for us when other web developers didn’t even know what we were trying to achieve for our website. Patricia figured it out quickly and was able to have our central website with separate sites for our Florida & Texas business up & running in short time and with a great look. We would recommend KexWorks to anyone looking for personal attention to your website needs.”
B. M., Houston, TX
“Patricia and her team are amazing! They do quality work and take care of every details during web design development. I highly recommend them. Plus they prices are affordable.”
M. C. , Clearwater, FL
“I am on the board of my condo association. We decided a website was a good idea. Patricia created a beautiful and easy to navigate site for our members. I presented it to the board last night and they loved it. They were suspicious about the price. They expected it to be more! She is very reasonable. I was amazed at how quickly her team built the site and executed the edits we wanted. She’s even taking time out her schedule to attend our next board meeting. Very professional!”
L. F. , Condo Association, Indian Shores, FL
“Patricia provided excellent service, details and a very professional website for our agency. We are extremely satisfied and recommend her services!”
D. K. , St. Petersburg, FL
“Patricia is very professional, I couldn’t be more pleased with her work, she’s full of ideas and very creative! Very happy to work with her!! I would definitely recommend to give her a call first!! Thanks Patricia.”
J. M. , Clearwater, FL
“Patricia was a very thorough in doing a great job for me a couple of times with “under the hood” website work. Design was also needed but since I am a designer too I have my own ideas. Nevertheless, she was wonderful there too. She accepted any and all suggestions and worked to please me, even when I asked for minute changes. She is just wonderful to work with! Thank you, Patricia! I’m sure I will come for help again. I definitely recommend you!”
J. R. , Construction Company, Clearwater, FL
“KexWorks redesigned our website for us. They really listened to what I wanted – instead of trying to upsell things I had no interest in. They are honest, reliable & very patient! They kept me on track & followed up to make sure I provided the information needed to make our updated website beautiful! I highly recommend anyone struggling with ‘webstuff’ meet with Patricia – just to see what she’s all about. I guarantee you will be impressed & more than likely will hire her to do your job. ~ ~ ~ & you won’t be disappointed :)”
M. A. , Clearwater, FL
“It was a pleasure to work with Patricia, she was very flexible with my requests. As a small business owner I feel that this company is what I needed, reasonable price and excellent quality, overall a great value for my money.”
K. N. , Hair Salon, Clearwater, FL
“Working with KexWorks has been a pleasure since day one. They did everything I had requested and it all went together without a hitch. Thank you KexWorks!”
C. O., Electrical Contractor, Clearwater, FL
“The owner of Kexworks is amazing. She has incredible talent and really strives to provide exceptional quality, service, and results.”
S. W., Tampa, FL
“Patricia at KexWorks Web Design is the person you want to create your new website, or fix your existing website! Patricia recently created a new website for my business and not only do I love it, but more importantly, all of the feedback I have received from my clients and colleagues has been stellar. Patricia was very patient with me (I was not the best client!), throughout the project and helped keep it moving forward when I was causing delays. I definitely recommend KexWorks for your web projects.”
G. N. , Custom Cabinets, Largo, FL
“I’ve known Patricia for close to ten years and found her to be extremely reliable, honest and able to duplicate what is needed for most any project.”
K. K. , Clearwater, FL
“Patricia did my website and linked it to Facebook, Linked In, Yelp, etc. As a result my business is always one two or three on the first page of Google without paying for SEO!!!! In the last year my business has increased 25% as a direct result of Kexworks premium expertise!!!! Highly recommended!!! Thanks Patricia!!!! “
K. C. , Auto Repair Shop, Largo, FL
“I’m very pleased with the decision to hire Patricia and Kexworks Web Design to give our company an updated website. The majority of my business comes from the internet so having a great website is very important. Patricia is very competent and took the time to understand my business and what I needed to accomplish. She met with me on several occasions to go over details and fine tune the finished product. I liked working with her and would definitely recommend her.”
M. O. , Window Tinting, Clearwater, FL
“I’m very pleased with the decision to hire Patricia and Kexworks Web Design to give our company an updated website. The majority of my business comes from the internet so having a great website is very important. Patricia is very competent and took the time to understand my business and what I needed to accomplish. She met with me on several occasions to go over details and fine tune the finished product. I liked working with her and would definitely recommend her.”
M. O. , Window Tinting, Clearwater, FL
“Patricia Nemeth is a true artist. I have collaborated with her intimately on building my career website and she has a very keen eye and excellent sense of design. She is totally professional, always delivers more than expected in terms of quality and is, quite frankly, one of the loveliest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”
D. P. , Multi-Platinum Recording Artist/Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA
“I want to thank you for your assistance in organizing and aesthetically upgrading my website. It really communicates the services I offer. But, don’t just believe me. In commenting about the launch of the website, one of my customers said, “…it’s a perfect statement of what you do.” What can be better than “perfect?” I will definitely be calling on you for any additional website work needed.”
G. M. , Electrical Engineer, Clearwater, FL
“Patricia and KexWorks has really done a great job setting up my website. The service was fantastic and her ability to duplicate what I wanted and work with me to create that has been stellar. Patricia – your future looks great with the products you are producing.”
G. M. , Home Inspector, Los Angeles, CA
“I met Patricia with KexWorks through my banker after another Web designer fell more than short of his promises. I felt comfortable & relaxed working with Patricia right from day one. Patricia and her team did a outstanding job & delivered far more than I ever expected. KexWorks is dependable, on time & easy to work with. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you for all of your hard work & a job well done.”
R. M. , Marine Engine Dealer, Largo, FL
“I needed to update my site so it would work efficiently with my web hosting. When I found out my previous web designer could not do the work, I contacted Patricia at Kexworks. She not only updated my website tech issues, she made suggestions that made my website work better. When I have minor requests, she provides the solution in a timely manner.”
L. T. , Printing Company, Clearwater, FL
“Patricia just finished building my new website and I could not be happier. Not too proud of the fact that I have been using a landing page (1 page website) for several years, provided by my local realtor association. Just imagine, that I was hoping nobody would ever visit that website as it was too embarrassing and not a good reflection on my business. Also it did not represent who I really am and the level of success I have reached in my real estate career. Patricia nudged me and nudged me for years, she saw that I needed help, and when I finally agreed she delivered a beautiful very professional website really fast and before I knew it I got excited about participating in the creative process. I no longer have to be embarrassed if a client wants to look me up online.”
N. F. , Real Estate Agent, Clearwater, FL

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