Visuals attract our attention. They entertain, excite, and influence our decision-making. Are you making the most of their power in your marketing strategy? Pinterest is the place to go if you have decided to start leveraging visual content. With the most popular themes there being fashion, decor, and lifestyle, many businesses think their products are not ‘sexy’ enough for Pinterest users. They couldn’t be more wrong: with the right approach, virtually any company can benefit from including this highly popular platform in their marketing strategy. Here are proven ways to make Pinterest work for your business.

Trick 1. Inspire Your Followers

Some businesses seem difficult to be showcased attractively. Say, how do you visualize a manufacturing company without boring your audience to death with photo shots of the process and the factory? Try visualizing the things that inspire your brand instead, the things that stand behind your innovation and ideas.

Trick 2. Translate Your Products Into Lifestyles

Lifestyle is one of the key themes on Pinterest, so think of the lifestyle visuals you can create using your products or relating to them. Even a car polishing service can come up with exciting and attractive shots, visualizing a certain lifestyle and subtly promoting the brand.

Trick 3. Share Insider Images of Your Business

We’re all humans, and we like seeing that the humans behind the brands we interact with. Don’t limit your pins to glossy, perfected marketing images: instead, give a sneak peek into the backstage of your business from time to time. That will connect your audience to you on a more personal level and ultimately increase their loyalty.

Trick 4. Integrate Your Store with Your Pinterest

If your business is a store – whether an ecommerce or a brick-and-mortar one – it’s an absolute must to connect it with your Pinterest. Mark those of your products that are popular on Pinterest with a special sign when you showcase them in your store. That will drive attention to the items and increase sales, making the popular product even more desirable for your customers.

Trick 5. Reward Your Fans for Their Loyalty

Your followers will love seeing how much you appreciate them. Think of a little something you can give them for a special occasion. A holiday gift or a small reward for staying with your brand for a certain period of time. Don’t forget to share that pin across your other social media accounts: your fans on other platforms will appreciate it just as much.

Pinterest has its own specifics, and if you’re used to promoting your brand on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll soon discover this is different. But if you get a little creative and find the right angles. Your brand will thrive on Pinterest, even if your industry is the least visually appealing of all.

What are your innovative ways to promote a ‘not-so-sexy’ brand on Pinterest? Share them in the comments!