With the many business issues today, how can companies be ready in dealing with things that challenge them? It’s good to know that with experts’ point of view, businesses can get the right answers to their most commonly asked questions.

Let’s find out what experts have to say about social media as well as their recommendations. After reading this post, you’ll be more informed about what to do with your business and how different social media can help grow your business.

Connect with others using different social media platforms.

1. There are five social media platforms recommended by experts to connect with: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Google+. In addition to these, Blogger is also a helpful platform for writing blogs that draw near the target audience.

2. If you have a product to sell, online visibility through social media is very important. In addition to the above, use also Instagram, Picasa and Pinterest for the best videos and images to post. All these social media networks are helpful in promoting your online presence, especially when launching a new product.

Let social media offer value to your business.

1. Social media networks are best to give your website the organic search you want. How? By means of posting, viewing pages, leaving comments, sharing and connecting! All these things contribute to your website ranking from Google and other major search engines.

2. Every social media platform results to creating engagements with your visitors and followers. This is an active community of two-way direction, working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All messages are for your business advantages.

3. Social media can cover the entire world reaching all languages and boundaries. Real-time interactions are viral and best for the word-of-mouth product or service promotions.

4. They provide the highest form of creating online branding for your business, goods and services.

5. Satisfied customers find social media to be the most popular platform to leave testimonials and reviews.

Make your content eye-catching to readers.

1. Make a trial and error content and you’ll see the results.

2. Make a research about what visitors are most interested in.

3. Ask them what they need.

4. Include hot and trendy topics about the industry where you belong.

Get a significant number of followers.

1. Offer king content that is appealingly irresistible to readers. Do it as often as possible.

2. Day-to-day basis of inviting new followers must be done.

3. Know what your target audience needs and meet them via social networks. Not too long, it’ll grow remarkably your followers. Keep inviting people to like and follow your other social media accounts.

Find a useful tool that will manage your social networks.

1. Hootsuite is one of the most popular and widely used tools for social media today.

2. Aside from Hootsuite, there are tons of available tools you can find online. Some are free and others require regular charges. Regardless of how many posts and social media accounts you have, these tools can do the right job for you.

Think of content that turns viral.

1. High quality content dominates and wins. To give highlights to your specific business, provide information that is helpful and worth reading.

2. There are a couple of content types to remember: authoritative and curative content. Content particularly written and published by you is called authoritative content. On the other hand, content you didn’t create but shared to others is called curative content.

Use content that produces most interactions.

1. According to experts, immediate interactions come from having visual quality content and video clips top it all. Then you can also use digital images and audios for your post. Text content is the last thing that creates interactions.

2. Trendy topics are always hot in the market resulting to broad interactions among your followers and visitors. Take advantage of the current hot topics for your content.

Sell effectively through social media.

1. By making your visitors happy, you’re on your way of making them buying customers eventually. Use their good comments, feedback and testimonials on your post.

2. Pay-per-click is widely-used in various social media. With the right marketing strategy, this will drive an amount of traffic to your main site as well as on your business fan page.

3. Let the people join in your contests with coupons and loyalty program you can offer. People can best do these through their social media accounts. At the same time, you are also motivating them to share details about your contest to their friends. As a result, more profits will come in.

Post frequently on social media.

1. The frequency of social media posting is based on 4 aspects. First, it is based on the total number of followers. If you have a significant number of followers, your post will have a shorter time to be there on your page.

2. Second is the amount of quality content you have posted. What visitors want is content that is unique and authoritative. This type of content is given more value by visitors compared to curative content.

3. If you have both a huge number of followers and quality content, then you can post as often as you want within a day.

4. Depending on the type of social media platform you have, you’re supposed to comply with their individual rules and regulations on posting.

Spend less than 2 hours of posting.

1. Approximately, less than two hours a day is required for posting. You’ve got to be well-organized, too. Tasks on various social media accounts can be simplified by using Tweetdeck, Buffer or Hootsuite. These are aggregation software that aid in automating and scheduling multiple posts.

2. If you want blog content that appears authoritative, you’ll spend 2 to 4 hours every week to produce, post, promote and share single content.

Follow the new persons who followed you.

1. After scrutinizing the ones who followed you, immediately follow them back, too. The trick here is that the more people who join you in social media, the more potential customers you can reach for your business.

Reach others by using related keywords.

1. While keywords are highly recommended, have a post that naturally uses your keywords. They should make sense and be readable within your content.

2. Avoid using them inappropriately for the sake of getting better online ranking—it doesn’t work that way. Remember, that it’s better to use quality content than picking keywords that appear awkward on your post.

These words from the social media experts are designed to help you make the most of your social media networks. They are useful ways of connecting with existing and future customers for business success. However just like anything else, it takes time for your business to grow in social media, but the results are rewarding!