Are you facing some challenges in getting the best practices on social media? Do you want to get excellent results on your marketing campaigns using social networking? Here is the second part of our post that discusses ways to grow your business through social media. Let’s find out what experts have to say more on this.

Find quality content for your social media post.

1. Generate a Google Alert about the topics that will catch people’s attention.

2. Make research on something valuable and choose a niche of good interest.

3. When looking for a subject matter, use phrases like “images on”, “articles on”, “tips on”, “trending topics”, “current news”, etc.

It’s possible to create multiple social media posts.

1. Make Informative posts that deal with topics on religion, personal stuff, racist remarks, cursing, and a lot more. Always remember, though, that majority of subscribers don’t want controversies. Most of them don’t enjoy rude behaviors nor do they enjoy much information about personal life.

2. Always be friendly so you’ll be accepted by visitors. Keep the right attitude of politely dealing well with them.

3. On product selling posts, be a little bit careful since most people dislike being offered lots of products.

Take lightly those negative comments you receive.

1. Negative comments are expected to happen so don’t take them seriously.

2. Answer the comment in a friendly manner, then lead it to the offline conversation.

3. As soon as possible, provide a resolution on the comment issues.

4. Ignoring negative comments will make the situation worse and will cost you more.

5. Additional negative comments will continue to come if you don’t resolve the issues right away.

Running a contest on social media is a great idea.

1. Organizing a contest on social media is based on the type of network you have.

2. You can choose a very simple contest like using a Facebook video or image posting and requesting visitors to put a description on it.

3. Optionally, you can go beyond being simple by using an app on Facebook that makes use of scratch-off mobile games. Afterward, participants can receive a prize. By doing so, you can quickly gather contact numbers, email addresses, and other vital information from the participants.

At some point, it makes sense to re-posting previous posts with valuable content.

1. It’s okay to repost something as long as it has quality content.

2. It is also helpful to modify some of your curated comments.

Analyze the results that come from social media.

1. Both measuring and testing results must be the primary goal of strategic marketing on social media. Don’t just trust the things you believe in but always seek facts.

It’s advantageous to use the same post for all your social media accounts.

1. Right! There are benefits of doing this, although it’s not ideal or advisable. Posting the same content is helpful if no one from your social media shares your post with their friends or to other social media sites.

2. Twitter allows only 140 characters to format a post. Therefore, using this format can limit your post’s efficiency on Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+.

3. The best thing to do is to make your post with a format based on the rules and restrictions on each social media platform. The number of characters, number of words, and length of post depending on the type of social media network you use. It also applies specific rules on other factors like images, videos, URLs that go with your post.

Specific keywords are important to use on social media.

1. Your subject matter and the industry you’re involved in should use the right keywords for your target audience.

2. Don’t deceive people by clicking on a link that is not related to your niche.

3. Avoid using keywords that don’t have to do anything with your content.

Use per-per-click ads on social media.

1. Find out first if it will be less expensive for you to use pay-per-click ads. Get a budget to try, then produce some ad copies and include them on your social media. You will see how pay-per-click affects your social media—whether the effect is positive or negative.

2. It will not cost too much trying to use some keywords on ad messages for your social networking prior to using pay-per-click. A little caution for this: the results may not be the same, because you’re using different platforms of social media. Each of them varies enormously on the results of putting ads.

Groups are important and you must join them.

1. The advantage of joining groups is to be able to get and share ideas and information with professionals and other people. There’s no need to have direct contact with them other than being a part of a specific group with relevance to your business. As a result, you can get almost limitless connections with the ones joining the group.

2. Provided you comply with the existing rules and regulations, often you can have your content shared to others. Remember that every group has its own rules to follow and these rules are based on the group’s objectives.

3. Groups are a part of social media. They are communities much similar to online forums. Groups of companies and people with the goal of joining others to be able to share content in different ways. They participate actively in sharing ideas, videos, images, blogs, and they even ask questions and receive answers.

It’s not expensive to outsource your social media work.

1. There are differences in the social media programs offered by each outsourcing company and prices are not the same.

2. Most of the prices don’t go beyond $100 per month for home-based businesses. On the other hand, big companies have prices that reach up to $1,000.

It is essential for all businesses to know the social media policy.

1. Is it allowed for employees to promote the company even if there’s no authorization? Is it allowed to use personally social media and engage in other online activities? The answers to these questions are contained in the social media policy you have.

2. A business with one or two employees should be visible on social media and must have its policy. There are lots of issues to address such as the condition of the company, the right use of the product, the procedures, etc.

If used properly, social media will be your ultimate most powerful business tool to obtain success. Some of the advantages of social media cannot be denied when it comes to earning revenues, branding, attracting customers, networking and others. Don’t you think it’s about time to take the above practices for your business? Come to think of it!