Instagram has done it once again by introducing Reels. It is a new feature that has hit the Instagram marketing scene. Similar to how the IG team launched Stories to take on Snapchat some time back, Reels is a feature that has been developed with an aim to compete with TikTok. Ever since TikTok become a major name in the social media landscape, different social networking platforms have been working on creating a feature to drive out TikTok and it seems that Instagram has succeeded.

What Is All the Hype About?

Within 24 hours of launch, Reels has garnered a massive audience. Everyone seems to be flocking to Instagram to make use of the feature. It boosts engagement on posts of digital marketers, content creators, and brands. If there is one thing that needs to be considered, it is the fact that the use of Reels will bring some challenges. However, it offers great potential for brands hoping to increase customer engagement. It also means that that a ton of user-generated content will be created.

There is an inherent significance of Reels for publishers, fashion brands, studios, and production houses. To understand what Reels have to offer, a quick look at the progress made by Instagram Stories will play a crucial role.

Is There A Need for Brands and Social Media Managers To Create A Reels Strategy?

To better understand if a Reels strategy would need to be developed, it is important to understand what the feature is all about. Instagram Reels lets users create interesting, short videos to engage with their viewers relying on a catalog of user-generated Reels media and music. Thus, there is no limit to creative output. The feature will allow brands to entertain visitors by posting fun content. In its essence, Reels provides companies with the opportunity to go viral. However, since Reels only last 15 seconds, it can be quite tricky to create the perfect video. Therefore, brands should create a Reels strategy or at least include it in their digital marketing strategy.

To access Instagram Reels, one only needs to open their Instagram Stores camera where they will come across the Reels icon towards the right. The feature has taken off in countries where TikTok has been banned such as India. When looking from a brand’s perspective, Reels might not seem like a big game-changer at first. But, it all comes down to what brands do with it. To be popular, brands need to effectively integrate Reels into their digital marketing strategy.

The Ultimate Space for Content Creators

Instagram Reels is the perfect space for content creators. The recent decade has shown that people are turning to content that is captivating and catchy. It is predicted that online videos would make up over 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022. Hence, it offers a new avenue for marketers and brands.


As brands are always on the lookout for new ways to engage with their audience, Instagram Reels might just be the answer they have been looking for.