At least the good ones, know better than to wait for the holidays to unleash the potential of social websites. These websites – and we’re talking about Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, are great sales drivers throughout the whole year. But because they are so powerful, and because that power can be difficult to handle during the times of the year when people simply buy more things. It might be difficult to handle them and get the most out of them. Luckily, we have great tools at our disposal that can help us utilize social websites better.

Let’s start with the most powerful social network in terms of the ability to sell – Facebook. Because the holiday season is when each and every marketer will put an additional effort into getting as many sales as possible. You can expect to have some tough competition in reaching your customers. And you should start getting prepared for that by making sure that your ads are performing well.

AdEspresso’s Facebook Ads Compass

Is a great tool you can use to create an incredibly readable report that will show you exactly what’s working in your ads, and what isn’t. You get a view of all the key campaign metrics. As well as a comparison of ad performance by age, gender, country, placement, and type of device. If that isn’t enough – and no amount of information ever is – you can the Ads Compass along with Real Geeks’ Facebook Marketing Tool. Originally developed for the real estate industry, this tool gathers data from your website and uses it to tell you how to better target your Facebook ads.

It would be amiss not to mention that you should take advantage of Facebook Live if you can. Facebook prioritizes it heavily in users’ timelines, and Facebook Live videos are a sure way to grab your customers’ attention.

From Facebook, we’ll move on to Instagram.

The first tool we’d like to recommend, Schedugram, was designed to help you keep up with your posting schedule. And the more things you can use automation for during the holiday season, the more time you’ll have to devote to the really important things. In the case of Instagram, those important things are usually creating photos, and if you want to use Instagram to market your products, your photos have to look top-notch. A Color Story app will make your photos look as good as it’s possible.

You can also give Yotpo Ads for Instagram a try.

This service will make your customers’ Instagram posts into ads (with their permission, of course) and then place those ads back on Instagram. It’s a nice way to turn Instagram, at least partially, into a kind of an online shop.

And finally, Pinterest

Another website revolves around visual content. To make Pinterest your best friend for this holiday season – and to stay on good terms after the holidays are done. There are two tools that will help you create great pictures you can pin on Pinterest. The first one is Pinvolve a handy little tool that enables you to take photos from Facebook. And pin them on Pinterest saving you a lot of time in the process. But if you want to create images for Pinterest specifically, you can use Buffer’s Pablo, an image creation tool with all the options you’ll ever need to make your pins stand out.

Once you have the pins, you need to think about further developing your viewership. Pingroupie can help with that – this tool will show which niche groups you should pay attention to if you want to increase the number of people who view your pins. If you already have a following on Pinterest, you can use the services of loop88. And get in touch with some influencers that can create the content your followers want to see. And hey, if Verizon’s using it, why should you?


Disclaimer: We are getting compensated for recommending these products and services.