In the marketing world, pictures rule. Brilliant metaphors, perfectly constructed sentences and humorous content pale in comparison to an interesting or aesthetic picture. Social media apps like Instagram bring new meaning to the term, “A picture tells a thousand words”.

When it comes to Instagram, you’d have to be snapping shots in the dark to take a bad picture–and even then, it might not turn out that bad. Instagram contains filters and enhancement tools that turn the most banal subject matter into thought-provoking art. The truth is, your Instagram photos will get noticed–which is why its popularity is growing exponentially.

If you are new to Instagram, don’t fret. With a little coaching, your company will be welcomed with acclaim in no time at all. Here are a few tips to help you on your Instagram adventure.

Get Creative

It goes without saying that your photos should be interesting, but how do you make your visitors’ Instagram experience memorable?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Host contests that allow visitors to interact with each other, such as photography contests or something related to your business.
  • Go behind the scenes and show photos of your business that clients might not otherwise get to see.
  • Feature employee photos. Have a different employee every week take a photo of projects they are working on or something interesting that is work-related.
  • Think outside the box. Take photos from different angles. Find new ways to engage your visitors. Be sure to take pictures of your products, but don’t forget the other interesting parts of your day, too.
  • Invite followers to participate. For example, Tiffany & Co. asked its audience to share their love stories on Instagram with photos using the hashtag #truelovepictures. Users had a chance to have their submissions made into postcards and mailed to anyone they wanted. Who wouldn’t go for that?

Don’t Be a Stranger

You will not retain followers if your account is a ghost town. Be sure to post pictures often–sometimes several times a day.

Additionally, no one likes a one-way talker. Be sure to interact with your followers, and encourage fans to take their own pictures of your business from their perspective. While you can’t answer every single comment, be sure to engage with followers every so often. Use hashtags and encourage your followers to do the same.

Location, Location, Location

We highly recommend creating a location page for your business on Instagram. That way you’ll be able to see who posts photos from your location.

Additionally, you can add another layer to your business branding by creating a photo map. Show the effects your business is having by illustrating it on a map. It is a good idea to set up a private account and follow your business account so you can learn how users are experiencing your content.

Don’t worry if you’re not a major corporation like Nike or Ralph Lauren. Entrepreneurs of all sorts participate in Instagram and see major expansion in their businesses as a result.