Social Media was practically non-existent a decade ago; using the internet was a very private, solitary experience. Now, in 2020, social media has taken the world by storm; there are billions of monthly users around the world. Finding customers has literally never been easier; regardless of your niche, there are many reasons you need to be using social media to find customers.

Your Customers Use It

The most obvious reason that you need a social media presence is the fact that your potential clients and customers use it! Instagram, for example, has more than a billion active monthly users. That means that one in seven people worldwide uses Instagram every month; if your company is in the U.S., that number will be far higher.

Your Brand Will Become Reputable

Before people will purchase from your company, your brand needs to be reputable and trusted, especially if it is an online company. Many people judge the validity of an online company based on their social media presence; for that reason, it is a quick way to make sure your brand is seen as real and trusting. It is especially great because you can show off your personality through images, captions, and direct comments to your customers.

It is Cost-Effective

Social media is ridiculously cost-effective. There are many fantastic, successful brands that advertise with social media without spending a penny. This is because they can grow a following on their page without spending any money and then they advertise directly to their followers. As long as you spend the time to create great content, you can organically build a following and then advertise directly to those who follow your page.

You Will Rank In Search Engines

An important aspect of having an online business is ranking in search engines. If no one encounters your content, it will never sell. Google recognizes the validity of a website is through the number of backlinks the website has or the number of websites that have links connecting to your company website. By building different social media accounts, you will be able to link your company website and gain a reputation with major search engines, thereby driving traffic to your website.

You Can Communicate With Customers

Arguably the most important aspect of developing social media accounts for your business is the fact that you can communicate directly with your customers and answer customer complaints before they become major issues. You can respond to your customers via direct message or directly in comments that they might leave on your posts. This is a great way to show hesitant customers that your products are legitimate and real.

Final Thoughts

Developing a great social media presence is important, and it does not have to be hard. You must produce high-quality content and be consistent. At, we are here to help you grow your social media accounts and gain the brand legitimacy you need to run a successful business. Contact us on our website or give us a call at 727-776-5961 – your company and your brand will thank you.