Google+ is not the most popular social network out there. People choose other social networks because they are useful for different things: LinkedIn for professional purposes, Facebook for social purposes, Twitter to shout at the world, Instagram to be looked at by the world, and so on. But Google+, what is it useful for? No one will turn to your Google+ profile to look for your pictures or updates. Plus, it seems like this social network is geared towards people who are more tech-savvy than average because it takes a while to figure out what all the features of Google+ do and how to set them up for optimum results. And why bother, when there are plenty of other, easier to use, social networks?

Well, if you were only thinking about having a personal social media profile, then you don’t need to have one on Google+. If, on the other hand, you have to think about your business’ online presence, then overlooking Google+ could be a serious mistake. Even if it might seem like Google+ is the underdog of the social networking world, in reality, it’s a social network that’s regularly ranked as one of the top five social networks in the world, with over 300 million of active users. So missing out on that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Google+ Profile(s) and How to Use Them

A profile is in the core of the Google+ social networking experience. If you have a business, you should make sure to create a separate profile page for your business and a separate profile for yourself. Why? Because each of the two offers some great opportunities for you. Your profile can contain information about your business, so you can use it to list the products or services your business offers. You can also cleverly include links to your business’ website by using well-chosen anchor text.

You business’ Google+ page will give you the opportunity to let the profile visitors have a virtual tour of your business. On top of that, you can also link Google reviews to the business profile page, as well as connect the business’ website to it. Most importantly, both yours and your business’ profile pages will appear in Google search results.

Google+ and SEO

Businesses which operate online, or aim to establish an online presence for marketing purposes, are well aware that one of the most important things a business needs to worry about is appearing on the first page of Google search results when someone searches for terms related to the business. That’s pretty much the main goal of search engine optimization – to have a website optimized so that it gets the best Page ranking possible.

Google+ ties in with Google searches, which could give you a leg up over the competition which doesn’t have Google+ profiles. Google+ profiles get indexed pretty quickly by Google’s search engine, and that can be very helpful. Not to mention the fact that you can post content to Google+ profiles, and have it work much better for you than it would if you would post it on any other website because of Google search tying in with Google+.

Google+ and Social Networking

But above all, Google+ is a social network, and it should be used for social networking. Getting added to people’s circles might lead to increased traffic to your website, and it might make your website more likely to appear when the people who have your Google+ profile in their circles search for terms which relate to your website. Adding a Google+1 button next to the content on your website will allow people to share it easily with others in their circles, which will give your business an increased exposure.

Google+ also allows you to create a community where your existing customers can share experiences with your potential customers. It might take some effort to create and support one, but communities are well worth it. They will provide you real feedback from your customers, and serve as a digital equivalent of keeping your ear to the ground because they will allow you to better understand your customers’ wants and needs. After all, that’s why you’re doing all of this, to be able to reach your customers easier, and to be able to respond better to their needs. And using Google+ will help you do that.