Video marketing isn’t just your regular marketing buzzword of the day. It’s an incredibly useful and effective way to package content. Every major social network thinks so, at least, which is why they all have some type of video product or service in their offer. And it’s not like video is hard to produce these days. A good smartphone is all you need to capture some great footage you can use for marketing purposes. Video editing tools are available for all levels of technical competence. And the users — they just love video.

But if you’re still unsure whether you need video marketing in your digital marketing strategy, here are a couple of reasons to change your mind.

Google Likes Videos

You can’t have an established online presence and not do what Google wouldn’t like you to do. You can’t launch a decent digital marketing campaign without using Google’s products or services. The biggest search engine in the world is much more than just that, so it pays to play the game according to its rules.

Including video in the pages of your website will benefit your search engine rankings on Google. The added time visitors will spend on the pages watching the video will also improve your rankings. And using YouTube as your video hosting service will only get you higher in Google’s eyes.

Video Improves Conversion Rates

Different types of content perform different actions. There are quizzes and giveaways that are great for growing reach online. There are case studies and white papers that are convert B2B customers.

And then, there’s the explainer video that does the same in B2C. An explainer video is a powerful tool that can educate, instruct, and persuade at the same time. It will do wonders for your conversion rates.

Video Offers Good Return on Investment

We already mentioned how easy is to create, edit, and publish videos today. And it doesn’t have to be that expensive, either — you can create it using the tools you already have. You can edit it using free or affordable editors. And you can publish it for free. And you get an incredible amount of benefits from it.

Mobile Users Like It

You cannot skip the fact that now, in the second decade of the 21st century, people are using their smartphones to browse the web more than they use desktop computers. And the trends are only going to go in mobile’s favor.

Mobile users are an extremely important part of your target audience. After all, you have to make your website responsive for them, so they can see it better. But you also have to give them the type of content they want, and that’s video. No one made a mistake by going aggressively after mobile audiences. So don’t stop at a responsive website. Give them some more.

It’s a Great Form of Content

It’s okay to favor the written word over the spoken. But you cannot deny that the visual aspect of video brings something to the table that audio or text never could.

Simply put, no topic is too complicated for an explanation in a video. And if it takes a while to dismantle it, you can always turn it into a series of videos. Whatever you want to say, and whomever you want to say it to, the video will give you the most bang for your buck as a communication tool because it’s so information-dense.