It’s a great idea to use videos on your website. It not only helps get your customer’s attention, but it could assist your customers to find out more about you and your business better. And another plus point is that you get a lot more search engine exposure by the use of a video.

You can create different types of videos for your business and here are some examples:

  • Introduction Videos: You can use this to introduce yourself, your business, and some of your staff. You can also present your facilities to make you more real to the client.
  • Customer Testimonials: This could help your clients to learn the benefits of using your services and products and learn from other satisfied client how they improved something in their lives by using your company.
  • Case Studies: This video can combine testimonials and a thorough explanation of your products and services. It would walk the viewer through the “Problem, Solution, Benefit” process and help them make a decision about your services.
  • Product Presentation: You can show how your product is used, and what are the key features and applications. Once again, you should explain how this product solves a specific problem.
  • Educational Videos: You can use this to teach your customers how to use your products and services without having to repeat it to each individual one by one. This video is very useful to direct traffic to your website from YouTube and other websites.
  • Funny Videos: You can create funny videos that not only help cheer up your clients, but it could go viral on the Internet and give you that much more exposure.

Let us know if you need assistance deciding what kind of video you should feature on your website.