Email has become extremely popular when it comes to business communication. It is easily replicated, accessible, cheap, and quick. Companies can benefit considerably from email. It offers an effective and efficient way to send all types of data. If you want to know about the benefits of the internet and email, you need to read on.

1. Affordable

One of the main benefits of using email is that it is affordable. No matter who and where you send an email, it would cost you absolutely nothing. In fact, the number of recipients and distance do not have any impact on email costs. A great thing about email is that you can use it for free or pay a nominal fee for sending messages to hundreds of individuals.

2. Quick

Another benefit of using email is that it is very quick. Through email, you get to instantly send messages to people from across the globe. It does not matter where the recipient might be as it takes seconds to send an email. Therefore, you can take advantage of seamless communication to avoid any issues. Thus, there would be no delays. It takes no time to hit “send” and for the recipient to receive the email. Hence, it makes sense to utilize email for communications.

3. Convenient

If there is one thing that everyone will agree on, it is the fact that sending email is convenient. The moment you send the message, the recipient would go through it. It does not matter how many people you send the message to as they will all be able to view it. This means that you get to send messages to as many individuals as you want. On the other hand, if you opt for a traditional communication method like letters, you would first need to print all the letters and have them sent by mail. You can send text messages, datasheets, photos, and even videos through email. Make sure to check with the internet service provider to learn about the limits.

4. Permanent

Finally, it is important to note that emails are permanent unlike letters which can easily be torn, shredded, or misplaced. When you rely on emails, you get to maintain a record for the messages along with their replies and details about the message history. It does not get better than this. This is something that you simply cannot expect from any other option.

Disadvantages of Email

Similar to anything else, the email also has its fair share of cons. These are mentioned below.

1. Spam

A disadvantage of email is that unsolicited emails would overwhelm the email system. There is also the risk of other email security issues.

2. Viruses

Another con that you should be aware of is viruses. They can easily spread into your system through email attachments.


Once you have gone over this post, you would know about the benefits of email and the internet. It is always best to opt for email.