Website Design

A business website has the power to bring you more customers than all other marketing tools combined. Are you sure YOUR website has this power? When new visitors land on the page, it will take them seconds to decide if they stay and explore further or take their business elsewhere. Proper web design is what makes them decide in your favor.

Websites that catch the visitor’s eye, make them want to know more, and present your services in the best possible light are our specialty. Our web design philosophy comes down to:

Creativity – for a fresh and attractive look, a website that stands out.

Simplicity – for a clean, easy to use web page that clearly communicates what you do.

Functionality – for a powerful and modern website that is easy for you to maintain.

KexWorks’ Experience and Expertise

KexWorks has been in the web design business since 2007 – it’s what our company started with and is focused on. Over these years, we have created over 700 websites for small and medium-sized companies in Florida and across the country. The great variety of businesses we have worked with – from learning centers to restaurants to jewelry stores – has taught us to tailor web designs for the unique needs of every customer.

At KexWorks, we keep up with the latest web design trends and technologies, creating web pages that look up-to-date and meet all expectations of today’s Internet users. Want a responsive website to target the mobile audience? Or a web page, based on a handy content management system, so that you can easily add and modify your content? We know how to use these and other technologies to help you meet your goals.

How It Works

Whether you start from scratch and need a website for your newly created business, or realize it’s time to revamp your outdated page because you have grown out of it – get in touch. We will analyze your needs, all the information you need to present, the flaws of your old web page, and come up with a convenient website structure and a modern design idea. Using our experience, we’ll help you create that perfect, stylish and effective website you had in mind.

Let’s Create Your Perfect Web Page Together!

Stop missing new customers with an outdated website – contact us now and request a quote on your new website design.

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