Lead generation is so important for a business that you can’t just have ten ways of doing it. You want to have as many options as possible, and you want to constantly try out new things. You never know whether the next lead generation method you try is the one that will reward you the most for your effort. So, here are ten more ways you can generate leads.

  1. Harness the Power of the Video

The digital world revolves around attention these days. Attention does play a very important role in your lead generation strategy. If you are capable of capturing people’s attention and maintaining it long enough so that your message sinks in, you will have a much easier time capturing leads. Video is one of the best types of content for catching people’s attention. And it can be produced at a reasonable price.

  1. Practice Some Good Ole Networking

You don’t have to operate exclusively online if you want to increase lead generation for your online-based business. The regular networking you do at conferences, meetings, and seminars can be very effective for generating leads.

  1. Keep Your Ear to the Ground with Social Media

One of the things you can do to generate leads is to become a part of ongoing conversations. It is not as easy or rude as simply butting in — you can be a part of a conversation by creating relevant content, for example. That will take time and money. But to get some ideas about the topics you should address, there’s no better place than social media. Especially Twitter, the social network you want to use to find out what is going on.

  1. Treat Mobile Separately

Smartphone users are an incredibly important part of your audience. And their numbers are growing. Mobile cannot be just a small part of your lead-generation campaign. It needs to have a campaign of its own.

  1. Add a Floating Bar to Your Website

Sometimes, it pays off to prevent your audience from escaping an important message on your website. Persistence certainly pays off in terms of lead generation. By adding a floating bar to your website, you can make sure that your customers always have your most importing messaging in their field of view.

  1. Create Quizzes

Speaking of things that pay off, creating the types of content that are catchy and able to spread like wildfire is a sound strategy for getting more eyeballs on your website. Quizzes are the type of content that people love to engage with, especially if you pair them with some kind of a giveaway.

  1. Do A/B Testing for Important Elements

Each element that affects your lead generation can be improved. Calls-to-action, form questions, form length — you need to find the best possible options that will maximize the elements’ conversion potential. A/B testing is the best possible way to do it.

  1. Use More Animation to Grab Attention

Adding animation to web design has been a trend for the last couple of years. However, we expect it to blow up this year with cinematography for the backgrounds and animation for the important elements. Moving parts draw attention and break up monotony; it is as simple as that.

  1. Keep Your Landing Page Simple

The last thing you want to do with a landing page is to include too many elements. Things need to have a clear and effective visual hierarchy, with the most important elements standing out prominently among the other elements. No matter how good your call-to-action is if people can’t find it on a landing page, it is completely worthless to you.

  1. Use Interest-Based Targeting

One of the many ways you can segment your audience is by specific interests. So, while you are doing the usual age, sex, location, and income segments, make sure you include interest in the mix. It is one of the traits that are best for determining how likely your audience will be to convert.