How do you know that your website is outdated and you should start thinking about upgrading it?

Your website is your digital storefront so it does matter how it looks. This might be the first impression of a potential client to your business and you want to attract them with an easy to use, effective website or they go somewhere else.

So, how can you tell that your website is outdated and needs a face-lift?

  1. One easy way to determine this is to check the copy right notice on the bottom of the site. If it has a date prior to 2010 you most likely need a new website.
  2. You have an awesome looking flash that blocks the search engines from finding your website and it make it load forever. This really drives returning customers away. Nobody wants to suffer through that every time they come to visit your website.
  3. You have a static website and you need to call your “web guy” any time you need to make a change on your site. Adding a new button requires a total redesign.
  4. Your website doesn’t have a blog or an easy way to add one. Studies show that websites with blogs get a lot more traffic.
  5. You don’t have social media integration on your website. Facebook and YouTube get tons of traffic and you should be driving some of that to your website.
  6. Your website is impossible to navigate on a smart phone. A lot of people use their phone to check out websites and if yours is not very pleasing on such devise you are once again blocking yourself from potential clients.
  7. You have no call to action on your website. You do not direct your clients attention anywhere, so they come and go without actually getting in touch with you.
  8. My all time favorite, your website has a visible traffic counter. This really dates your website. It means you don’t know google analytics and your website was most likely built in 1998.
  9. Photos on your site are outdated. People on your images wear turquoise pants and perms. Often you can date the website by looking at some of the pictures. Keep your photographs up to date along with your entire website.
  10. Your fonts are all colorful and every sentence has a different font type. Although this was very popular in the past, don’t do it. It is not the current standard. Keep your fonts consistent and on the conservative side with less variations.

Hopefully this was helpful and now you realized it’s time to do something. Give us a call and we get you out of your outdatedness!