Websites become outdated. There’s nothing you can do about it — you have no control over the changing web design trends. What you can do is assess your website periodically to find out whether it’s in need of a design update. If you’re heading into such an assessment, here are some of the signs that will let you know your website needs some attention from a web design professional.

No one is visiting your website.

If there’s one sign that says your website needs help asap, it’s this. You made a website so people could visit it. If that’s not happening, something is very wrong.

No one sticks around on your website.

Even if people visit your website, if the majority of them leave it right after landing, it’s a bad sign. Keep your bounce rates under 60%.

No one can figure out the point of the website.

It should be fairly obvious what your business is after spending a couple of seconds on the website. People don’t expect a mystery when looking for products or services.

The website relies on Flash too much.

Or at all, really. Flash is seriously outdated, and you would do yourself a favor if you’d move on.

You don’t have a logo.

A company name written in a font that stands out slightly doesn’t cut it.

Your website is too colorful.

Not that using colors is bad. It’s just that, if you use more than a couple, your website is very unlikely to have a consistent and pleasant look.

The website doesn’t have a contact form.

Nothing wrong with giving people a chance to contact you by email. But contact forms are much easier and more convenient.

It’s too generic.

If you have the same type of website as 90% of your competitors, you’re wasting an opportunity to stand out.

You look nothing like the person in the “about us” photo.

Even if time has been kind to you, your aging will show. Especially if you keep the same photo of yourself on your website for more than ten years.

Flashing banner ads.

Just don’t do it. Take your website down until you remove them.

Too much empty space.

There are surely some visual or great copies you can place in that space, right?

People can’t move around your website.

If your website is more than just a landing page, then you have to make it easy for people to navigate it.

It displays too many errors.

Or any errors, for that matter.

It looks retro.

We still haven’t gotten to the point in web design where “retro” becomes a thing. Retro means old and outdated.

Your domain has been parked.

It happens. Especially if you don’t pay any attention to your website.