Although blogging might not be a new trend, it has become incredibly popular in recent times. In fact, every website needs to have a blog to provide information. Besides, people love to read blogs. The internet is home to over 570 million blogs and the number only continues to grow. This is why it is crucial that you create a website to compete with others. A great way to stay ahead is by implementing the newest strategies. To help you keep up, we share some amazing suggestions.

1. Leverage Videos

Since reading can get boring for many people, you need to use videos. This is especially true with longer pieces as they are not as easy to process. By adding videos to your blog, you get to improve engagement and retain viewers. Post videos on YouTube and share them on your website to keep your visitors glued. Besides, videos help save time for readers as they can simply listen to content.

2. Update Old Content

Another great strategy that you can use for promoting your blog is updating old content. Since blog content cannot remain evergreen, some articles will become outdated. Hence, what you need to do is go through your older blogs and review the information you have shared and ensure that it is updated. You can also create a redirect link to link a newer post to it.

3. Take Advantage of LinkedIn

If you are not using LinkedIn to promote your blog, you are missing out. It is considered to be the most popular network for professionals and boasts more than750 a million users. Therefore, you can rely on it to form valuable connections. When it comes to blog advertising, you have to give it a try. A major reason why the platform is worth using is that it provides quick visibility.

4. Guest Posting

Now, guest posting is not exactly a new strategy for promoting your blog. However, it allows you to establish a network and improve your trust ranking. You can write for other websites to attract their readers to your blog. It is a great way to expand your reach.

5. Create Data-Driven Content

Content creation has changed over the years. Customers drive most of the information which is why you need to conduct customer polls and surveys to create data-driven content that is based on the demographics, shopping habits, and requirements of your target audience.

6. Share Simple Newsletters

Not many website owners realize that newsletters, go a long way in promoting their blog. With an engaging newsletter, you get to take advantage of email marketing. What you need to do is work on creating a stellar design. It is crucial that you keep things simple to grab attention.

7. Speak with Customers In-Person

Lastly, you can take your blog to the next level by getting your customers involved. All you have to do to connect with them is run a podcast or speak at events. Starting a podcast will allow you to grow your presence. You can get guest speakers involved to keep visitors returning.


Once you have finished reading our post, you will know how to promote your blog and become a leader in your niche.