Your website is one of the most prominent aspects of your company’s image. Like a new hat, it can present a long-lasting first impression and convey your own personal style. It lets visitors know if you are conservative or fun, sophisticated or wild.

Over time, however, your website can lose its luster. Looks go out of style and tastes change. You may think that creating a better website means a complete overhaul, but in most cases it merely takes a few tweaks to create the site you want. Here are a few tips you can easily apply right now:

  1. Less is more: Condense your menu.

    Do you have stacks of items under one heading on your navigation bar? This may be too much clutter for potential clients. Remove topics that are no longer current and combine related subjects. Think of more concise headings. This will make things easier to find and create a smoother experience for your visitors.

  2. Put your phone number on your homepage.

    I may be stating the obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this. It is often tucked away in the Contact page or not even on the site. Many clients visit your site just to get your phone number, so don’t lose business over this obvious error. Make it large and easy to find.

  3. Pictures say a thousand words.

    Visitors don’t want to see a wall of text. Use big, bold, eye-catching images. Add shots of your products, your staff in action, or projects you are in the middle of.

  4. Add an “About Us” page.

    Clients want to know who they are working with, and they love interesting details. Include training and experience, of course, but also include fun facts such as hobbies, interests, and family life. Be sure to include pictures. Make yourself real to your clients.

  5. Include a call to action on every page.

    Your website is not there as an “FYI” (“for your information”). You want to close clientele. Therefore every page on your site should work for you, guiding visitors to act on something. You might get them to buy your ebook, sign up for a workshop, watch a video, or visit your social media pages. Make it easy, using a button or a hyperlink to get them to do what you want.

  6. Jump on the Mobile Bandwagon.

    Let’s face it. The world is mobile. More than fifty percent of Americans own a Smartphone, which means that most of your website traffic will be from mobile browsing. However, if your site is not equipped for mobile, their experience will be unwieldy and they’ll search elsewhere. Explore the variety of affordable tools out there to create a mobile website from your current site. It will be well worth the investment.

  7. Hire a professional.

    While there are plenty of things you can do yourself to re-vamp your website, there is nothing like the continual TLC provided by a professional web developer. That is the most ideal way to stay up on the latest trends and technological advances, ensuring that your business is always represented as professionally as possible.