Statistics say that only 44% of businesses survive their first five years. This year, we’re one year closer to that watermark – but still a year away. We like our chances though, and we’re celebrating our birthday with a recap of how far we’ve come.

Over the past four years, we’ve managed to prove our worth to over 150 customers all across the United States.

Web design for a client in Tampa Bay Area? We’ve done it. Hosting for a client in San Diego? We’ve done that as well. Custom programming for a client in Portland? We saw it done. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Angola, Broomfield, and Richmond are only some cities where there’s someone who put their trust in KexWorks. According to our five-star Google review, they haven’t regretted it.

Since day one, we’ve taken great care to expand not only our list of clients. But also the services we provide to them. From web design and hosting, to search engine optimization and blogging. We’ve enjoyed learning new things and seeing clients benefit from our knowledge.

And here in KexWorks, we believe that a business that is happy to rest on its laurels is a business that’s doomed to fail. Even as we take a look back at the four great years we’ve had, we still have the future on our minds.

For one, we plan to increase our presence on the local level, in the Tampa Bay Area, as well as the national level. We plan to learn new teams and further expand the services we offer our clients. We want to do all we can to ensure that the services they are getting from us are the services that make them come back for more. We’re excited to boost our capacities by adding skilled professionals to our team, and we’re especially keen on expanding our photography department. On a side note, we also plan to take a vacation – we feel we’ve earned it, and our clients would agree.

To those we’ve been lucky enough to work with over the past years, we offer our gratitude. Thanks for being a part of our story.

If you’re yet to experience how great it is to work with us – don’t worry and take a step forward. We’ll be there to take it with you.

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