With this information, you will have the tools to have a flourishing social media that forwards your business goals.

1. KNOW YOUR GOAL: When creating a social media platform, the first thing you have to work out is what your goal is. It could be to drive traffic to your website or to sell your products or to connect better with your audience. Whatever it is, you have to keep it in mind while you create your ideal platform.

2. TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE: Once you know what your goal is you have to see what sort of audience you are looking to target. If you’re selling art you will want a different demographic than if you were a real estate agent. Do some research. Find out what type of people are into your product or what age range you are trying to interest.

3. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Now that you have targeted your audience you have to find out what interests them and what their pain points are. Part of this is finding out what sort of social media platforms they use and whether those are good ones for you to promote on. If you sell soap, Instagram may be a better platform to promote on than Twitter.

4. DETERMINE WHAT THE RIGHT CONTENT IS: Next would be to determine the right type of content. See what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. What is engaging your audience and what isn’t. See when they are the most active on their social media and on yours. Do polls to find out what they would like in the future. See if there is anything they think you should improve.

5. CHECK ON YOUR COMPETITORS: Another thing to do is look at your competitors. See what their following size is and what engages their audience. Take this information and tweak it so it’s better for you or your audience. This can get you some good ideas that you hadn’t thought of before. It can also get you some ideas of what not to do.

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