In today’s Internet world, social media is king. Not only is it an exceedingly popular form of communication, it provides a forum for you to stay connected with current and potential clients.

Savvy website designers integrate social media with their websites in order to gain new visitors, interact with clients, and create a wider sphere of influence. In order to do so, it is important to create social media icons in plain view on your website home page. This is one of the main ways to generate traffic to your social networking sites.

Here are a few tips for proper design and positioning of social media icons on your website.

Make Sure They’re the Right Fit

The size of your social media icons is key. If they are too small, they won’t convey their purpose and will often go unnoticed. Moreover, they make for awkward mobile use, as big thumbs can feel unwieldy if the icons are not large enough. Make them big, bold and visually appealing to visitors.

Make it Simple

While social media is well-known around the world, you will have visitors who do not recognize the icons or do not understand their purpose. They may have no idea why they are there. Convey their purpose by labeling each.

Location, Location, Location

Social media button icons may be a brilliant expansion of your website, but they will be useless if they are not positioned properly. Visitors are more likely to take immediate action when items are placed at the top of a page. Place social media icons above the fold, in plain view. It is equally important to place icons at the bottom of a page.

Visitors may not want to scroll back to the top of a page after reading a blog or article, so leave icons there to make it easier for them to take action.

You may also choose to place your icons in a sidebar, or in another location that makes sense. Just be sure to make them visible within the entire site.

Don’t Give Away Numbers Just Yet

Some social media icons include social sharing counter buttons, which allow viewers to see how many times an article has been shared or liked. You should avoid using these icons until you have impressive numbers. An article with only a few shares or likes looks dull and are more likely to turn people away.

Get Creative

Feel free to be creative with your icon design, as well. There is a variety of social media icons available for free on the Internet, and these enable you to get creative with your design. Perhaps you want your Facebook icon being held by a cartoon character, or your Twitter button placed on the side of a train. Styles may include muted or bright colors; smooth or angular shapes; three-dimensional or beveled. They may have the appearance of burnt wood or sleek steel. Truly, the opportunities are endless. Just be sure that whatever style you choose, it is consistent with the rest of your website and social media branding.

Let us know if you need help placing your social media icons on your website.