Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website higher up in the search engine rankings so it is more visible in the online world. Lots of small businesses get most of their revenue locally. There are also some companies, mechanic shops, for example, that can only work locally. This is when making use of local search engines could really improve your online visibility to real potential customers.

Getting Your Information Out There

Using local SEO strategies, you can get anyone in your area to be able to find your business website very easily when looking for your kinds of services. It will be listed in the local pack. This means your business will pop up with information such as, where you’re located, your business hours, images of your business, and any ratings you may have, but, for them to have this information you must have accurate information on Google My Business. It’s important to claim your business on this platform and make sure it has the most relevant information about your business. The Knowledge Panel on this profile lets you give your target audience the information about the services you offer, how to contact you, what category your business falls under, etc. The more information you give, the easier it is to find your website.

Improving Your Ratings

Of course, you need high rankings in your local area to be up on the list. Here are a few things you can do to get the rankings you desire. Having good feedback and ratings on your website is very important. Make it easy for people to leave a review and remind them to do so. Respond to your reviews, good or bad. Thank them for leaving the review and if they had a complaint, respond with empathy and promise to get it handled. Engage in local activities so more people are aware of your business and will search it up more often. If you have any social media platforms always link your website to them.
It can be hard to keep up with all this, but it is possible and it can bring lots of new business in. The easier it is to find your business, the more potential customers you will reach and you’ll pull in more revenue.