Think about any big corporation you ever had to deal with in your life. What are the first words that come to your mind? Are they, by any chance, “cold,” “distant,” or “impersonal?” Because for a lot of the people, they are. Big corporations aren’t perceive as kind, open, and warm businesses, and they can afford not to be like that. They have resources, size, and a market share which are alone more than enough to impress their clients.

Everyone else, on the other hand, have to always come up with different ways to secure new clients and to keep them coming back. And it’s hard work, as well. It’s easy enough to conjure up a gimmick now and then that might pick people’s interest and get them to use your products or buy your services, but gimmicks won’t get you very far with your clients and customers.

There’s a real need for business to connect with their customers in a more meaningful way, on a deeper level. Not that it doesn’t matter to have great products or offer excellent services. It is, but the problem is that your business will be one of many that offer excellent services or products. You need something that will keep your customers from going to the competition. You need some way to let them know that your business values them.

Show Your Clients and Customers You Care

The same rules that apply in your personal life will apply in for your business life as well – if you treat people badly, they won’t like you. If you treat the well, they’ll like you more. The very basics of customer service are based on this notion – you won’t shop at a store where the staff frowns at you or is rude because you won’t feel you’re being appreciated there. You will, however, go back to the store where the staff seems genuinely interested in helping you out and grateful for your patronage.

So the very first thing your business needs to do to show your customers and clients they are appreciated is to cover that base and incorporate the attitude of gratefulness and helpfulness into every interaction with the customers. But that’s only the very basic way of showing the people that frequent your business they are appreciated. You can do more if you want.

Taking it up a Notch

If your business has an established presence on the Internet, as most businesses are having these days, you can use the information your clients and customers provide to you there to perform unexpected acts of kindness. You don’t have to cyber stalk them to find out what’s going on in their lives, but if you happen to come across useful information, you might use it. If a client, for example, mentions that it’s their birthday, you can wish them a happy birthday at least. You can also offer them a discount for your goods or services on that day. If it’s a critical client, you should send a gift basket or a gift card they could use at Amazon.

Of course, being very kind and giving in a way that might cause your business to suffer losses should be considered very carefully. But the point here is that even if your business can’t afford to give gifts or offer fantastic discounts, some high-quality human interaction will go a long way. After all, it’s better than nothing.

Being a kind person pays off in everyday life as well as in business.

The people you make feel special will remember it. They will like you for it and they might even spread the word around. You should never underestimate the reach of word of mouth marketing or the fact that having a reputation of being a business with a good attitude run by people who are genuinely affectionate and interested in the people who use their services or products can and probably will affect your business’ bottom line for the better. Businesses spend tons of money to reach out to their customers and clients and form an emotional bond. You can do the same by just being kind. It can be that easy.