There’s no way to avoid the fact that Facebook, the world’s most widely used social network, is a place where small businesses need to be. Facebook lends itself to many different types of marketing campaigns, it’s the social network that offers the greatest reach, and it has many tools that make it marketer-friendly.

The first step towards utilizing the power of Facebook to grow your business is to establish your business there and promote it. It’s not the same as handling your personal Facebook profile, but it doesn’t have to be too difficult either.

For Starters, You’ll Need a Facebook Page

You can’t do anything without. It’s your business’ little piece of the social network, and it will serve as a hub for all the various activities you’ll perform later. If you ever created a personal profile on Facebook, you’ll have no troubles with creating one for your business.

Make sure that you include all the relevant information about your business, such as business hours and a description. Most importantly, provide the contact information people can use to get in touch, as well as the address of your business’ website, if you have one. Use your business’ logo, and choose a great cover photo.

Think About the Content You’ll Want to Share

One of the main tools you’ll use to drive engagement and increase your reach is the content you share on Facebook. Exactly what type of content you’ll want to create depends on the goals you want to achieve. But if there’s one thing that makes Facebook great, it’s the fact that accommodates all sorts of content.

How-to videos and demonstrations will drive conversion rates. Cool images and infographics will increase your reach. Articles and other written content will provide useful information to your followers and help establish your business’ authority. Information about promotions, as well as quizzes, giveaways, and competitions, can skyrocket your following.

Forge Connections and Engage with Your Audience

Facebook will allow you to communicate with your potential customers or clients. Sharing content is a form of communication. It’s a one-way communication where you are doing the talking, and other people are listening. But occasionally, they will talk back.

You should never be afraid to talk with your audience. You probably don’t have the time to respond to each comment you get and chat with your followers, but you should maintain a level of communication you’ll be comfortable with. Responding to bad comments that seem like they are legitimate is always recommended. Getting in fights with trolls isn’t. Be considerate, and remember that the impression you leave in communication extends to your business, not only to yourself.

Think About Using Facebook Ads

Facebook ads offer a surprisingly good value for money. They allow you to increase the visibility of your content, and there are several different advertising options you can choose from.

What really makes Facebook ads great comes from Facebook’s ability to gather an amazing amount of data on their users. You can use that data to very finely target your audice, or if needed retarenget your ad campaign for better results. Facebook is marketer-friendly, and the whole process of creating and deploying ads is very well explained.

As a small business owner, you cannot afford to pass on an opportunity to grow your business. Facebook will present plenty of them, so even if you think that it couldn’t possibly do anything for your business, you should give it a shot. It won’t cost a dime until you start paying for ads, and the only thing you need is a little effort and some time.