Not even a single business wants to receive negative comments on social media or bad reviews on leading review sites. Sadly, it always happens, no matter how much you try to avoid those issues. In situations like these, what matters most is that you know how to handle complaints properly, without further mistakes.

So how do you manage and deal with bad reviews? Are you ready to face them with a positive outlook? Negative reviews should not allow you to snatch away your faithful customers. Bear in mind that responding quickly can save your customers—that is, if you do it right.

What customers do?

With instant access to the Internet, quarrelsome customers are quick to post bad reviews even without facts. Face the challenge and choose the right solution to stop the bad reviews from spreading out. Only you can make the right move that makes a big difference in saving your good business reputation.

What happens if a complaint is not addressed?

When customers’ concern is not addressed immediately, people feel you don’t care enough for them. As a result, the small issue can become big and be known to other customers as well. Often, this scenario happens to both small and big businesses. Doing the wrong thing to an angry consumer would mean putting your online reputation at higher risk.

5 Mistakes business owners do with complaining customers

Mistake #1

Business owners don’t mind keeping track of their customers’ reviews. More often, their words are unbecoming and they don’t care enough if they lose one or more customers because of the bad reviews.

Mistake #2

They want to cover up the bad reviews so they try to use other people, like friends, to fabricate unreal reviews.

Mistake #3

Business owners become defensive and they show off anger when responding. They tend to have argumentative discussion about the problem.

Mistake #4

Their reactions show they’re offended and they turn resentful which results to customer’s further feeling of irritation.

Mistake #5

Instead of resolving the problem, they worsen the situation by saying that the bad reviews are not true. They may even blame the customer’s lack of information. Whether it’s true or not, responding unprofessionally will increase negative comments eventually.

With such situation, what then is the best way to respond to reviews you don’t like?

Ways to take care of your reputation

In reality, getting bad reviews is not fun. Often, the receivers tend to be bothered and want to defend themselves right away. But how are you going to respond to bad reviews so they won’t jeopardize your business but win back and keep your customers? Consider these tricks:

Keep your composure.

Keeping yourself cool makes all things under control. Being the owner of the business, you’re expected to act professionally with the right attitude to every person you deal with. Therefore, it’s smart to wait until your anger has left you before responding to bad reviews. However, don’t take it too long before you respond.

Keep track of your online standing.

By receiving notification, it’s not difficult to monitor how your business is mentioned online. You can have Google Alerts setting to get you notified. Alternatively, you can respond with the comments on your social media platform by using Hootsuite. Hootsuite is one of the best social media tools that simplify posting, commenting and responding in a timely manner.

Let others know it.

By responding publicly, you allow others to see how an issue is efficiently resolved. Trust is earned more as long as you’re able to handle harmful business situations like this. Maintaining good reputation is significant so that customers won’t stop buying your products or receiving your services.

Show respect and gratification.

Each faithful customer deserves recognition. By thanking the customers, they feel you appreciate and respect their thoughts. So accept the bad reviews but don’t take things seriously. Let them know you learned from their complaints and give them facts to get rid of their doubts. A simple explanation can go a long way and your loyal customers are saved from moving to your competitors.

Accept the bad reviews.

Each poor review belongs to you and it’s something you own. It’s quick to find fault in others, like the technicians and employees who are negligent. But you have a reputation to uphold so always practice professionalism so that your brand reputation won’t be affected. In the long run, any unsatisfied customers can feel happy again because you managed to resolve the issue.

Use bad reviews to further your business.

Often, bad reviews result to a victorious undertaking when correct response is provided to customers. Customers can experience a level of satisfaction as long as you have improved your products and services. Therefore, when another unhappy comment is received, always thank the customers first for giving their reviews. Regardless of what is mentioned on the review, use it to further your business.

Most comments are viewed on forums, social media and popular review sites. While you can’t stop anyone from giving you bad reviews, on your part you can handle things skillfully and professionally—with the tricks we’ve just provided!

We hope this blog has helped you find the right way to resolving bad reviews online. Remember that any negative reviews cannot harm you as long as you know what you’re doing.


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