Have you ever wondered what impact using video in your marketing strategy could have on your business?

A website with video content has a 53x more chance of appearing on the first page of Google than a solely text-based website. That’s not 53% more chance, that is 5300% more chance of appearing on Google’s page one.

This is because having video on your site can increase the time that visitors spend on your website’s pages, in turn signaling to search engines that your website is relevant and useful, which improves your site’s overall ranking.

In addition to increasing your website’s ranking on Google, using video in your marketing strategy can also assist with your conversion rate of customers. According to HubSpot, including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%.

Reports show that 84% of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video.

As I mentioned above there are thousands of other stats on the internet related to video, the one common factor amongst them all is that they all show video as the future of marketing.

Now if you made it this far in my email and are still reading, the only other thing I have to say is, “wouldn’t all of this information have been better received in a 1-2 minute video?” I like to think so.

If you agree…
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