Internet has let businesses go global. You can reach a target customer on the other side of the world – but what if the customers you need are those located nearby?

Many businesses – like hair salons or car repair shops – target local customers only, but it’s not just them who should remember about local link building. Even if you are not limited by location, it’s always easier to build trust with a client who is familiar with your company and with whom you can meet in person. Forming good relationships in your local industry and attracting quality local talent are a few more reasons to start thinking local.

Local link building goes by the same principles every link building strategy does, but with a local twist. Here are several good ways to build links that help you strengthen your business in the area.

Exchange Links with Your Business Contacts

You surely have a business network in your area – suppliers, retailers, local professional organizations – and these can be a natural source of incoming links. You can ask them for a listing on their websites in appropriate sections, and link back to them in exchange.

Join Local Business Organizations

Joining business associations will help you to not only get more incoming links, but also build business relationships with other industry professionals in your area and open new opportunities.

Advertise on Job Boards

Many universities and government bodies post job boards on their websites to help newly graduated students and unemployed. Listing your company on job boards like that will get you a few extra links and help in the hiring process.

Be Active on Local Forums

Local discussion boards often have threads relating to nearly all aspects of life. And you are sure to find a niche for your business there. Self-promotion is not welcome on forums. So attract attention to your brand and your website by participating in discussions you can add value to.

Interact with Local Bloggers

Blogs that relate to your area and your industry can be a great source of incoming links and traffic. Comment on the posts and suggest your own guest posts. Make sure what you contribute will be valuable for the blog and interesting for its readers.

Start Your Own Locally-Focused Blog

People will be more interested in the content they can relate to, which is local industry news. Insights related to latest events or urgent problems in the area. Interviews with local business people. If you find the topics that catch the local audience’s attention, it will be shared and spread, giving you valuable links and readers.

Sponsor Local Industry Events

Find ways to sponsor or otherwise support local industry meetups and other events. That will get you extra exposure, incoming links from the event’s web pages, as well as lots of business opportunities and connections.

Do you focus on local link building? What other channels do you use for getting local links? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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