For many businesses, their website is the center of their online activity. All the other things, such as the presence of social media and ads, all serve the purpose of bringing people to their website. It’s where potential customers see what the business is about. Where the businesses get to turn potential customers into actual customers. It’s where all the magic happens. And that’s the reason businesses view their websites as valuable investments and take website design seriously.

But the thing with website design is that there’s always something that could be done better. Some aspects of design that could be improved upon to give the visitors a better experience, some tweaks that can make the website even more appealing. In some cases, the tweaks aren’t even little, they can be really important things hiding from your view. Here, we’ll tackle three of those.

Not Thinking About Mobile

Mobile devices are the future when it comes to Internet use. The number of mobile users is growing, the number of users who use mobile devices to go online is growing, and the devices themselves are getting better and better. And if you think mobile users have more patience for slow, unresponsive, and hard-to-navigate websites – you’re wrong. People want websites that load quickly and are easy to navigate using a single thumb.

For most businesses, this means one thing – responsive design. Using it, you can create a single website that scales to different platforms. You don’t need to have separate websites for desktops, tablets, and smartphones, your one website will look and work well on each platform.

Not Paying Attention to Fonts

Don’t dismiss the importance of a good font. It’s an important graphical element which will, whether you like it know, speak something about your business. It’s a part of your business’s visual identity, and it should confirm the image you want to project.

Issues with font choice can also be purely practical. If you choose a font that’s hard to read, your visitors will have to strain their eyes. And you don’t want that because they won’t want to do it and they will leave your website. The same goes with using a small size for letters. And it doesn’t matter if the ornamental fonts look great to you, or if small letters mean you can fit more information on a single page – that’s not how the website’s visitors will think. They will see the poor font choice as an obstacle they don’t have to tackle. And they’ll leave.

Not Giving Enough Prominence to Your Call to Action

Whole web pages are built around calls to action. These are among the most important elements on your website – they tell the visitors what they want them to do. They are there to be that final push they need. Clicking on that call to action button can be the thing you created the website for.

It’s really important to make call-to-action buttons easily identifiable. It’s also important to make it clear to the users what will be the results of clicking on that button. If you don’t provide one of these two things, you’ll either get very little clicks, or you’ll get customers who don’t even want what you’re offering. Keeping things clear is the best way to show respect for the visitors and your own business, and it’s the best way of creating good quality leads.