Good web design is not merely a matter of color, font and spacing. While you may have a unique artist’s eye, your online creation will be all for naught if no one knows you exist. There are several other, crucial steps to making your presence known online.

Once you have established your target audience, reach them by optimizing your site. While that may sound daunting, it is not as difficult as it seems. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Keep it Fresh

Unfortunately you can not merely throw a website together and let it drift. Your site must be regularly updated with new information so that customers will find it useful and search engines will take note. By continuing to rebuild your site with up-to-date content, it will be crawled frequently and its search engine rank will stay high. Do not be afraid to write and rewrite for the entire lifespan of your website.

Dive Into Social Media

Social media is rapidly becoming the most popular way for site owners to expand their businesses. With such a variety of social media available like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, businesses are able to reach millions of people through this medium.

What are the various benefits to social media? First of all, you may be shocked by the number of people who begin following you once you begin your social media campaign–especially if you have a good website. Secondly, social media enables customers and business owners to connect on a more personal level. Customers are not just being bombarded by salesman-slick marketing campaigns–they are able to talk to business owners directly. Sites like Instagram allow customers to see the inner workings of your business, which generates more interest in what you are doing.

Be sure to include a button on your website that allows visitors to follow you on all of the social sites that you join.

It’s a Mobile World

In today’s convenience-driven world, speed is everything. Mobile viewing allows consumers to access the Internet on their phones from anywhere in the world. If you are not on this bandwagon, you might want to jump on pell-mell before you lose any more business. Viewers will want to see your site on their phones.

Take the time to optimize your site for mobile viewing. By doing so, you will open the floodgates for even more business.

The Importance of Content

In addition to beautiful layout, content is key. By writing articles and posting them regularly, providing backlinks from article sites, you will help build a name for yourself and build trust among your potential clients. Let people know who you are and what you can do to help them.

One caveat: Don’t forget to proofread. An article riddled with errors gives the impression that you are an amateur.

Simple is Best

When building a beautiful website, it is important to remember the importance of keeping it simple. Do not try to be the overachiever by overwhelming the reader with a plethora of graphics or large banners–it slows the site down. Get your point across to your target audience using simple design that cuts right to the point.