Have you ever seen a website where you can’t find what you were looking for, the page names are too generic and you can’t decide if you are at the right place? The longer you spend on the site the more little question marks pop up in your head. I normally just leave these sites. I think I have a limit of 5 question marks and I’m out of there. I just go down to the next search engine result.

So, here are a couple of ideas on how to prevent this:

  1. Give less options to choose from.

    If you have similar products just give them one option. Tell them to buy that one and make sure you get their email address so you can promote your additional products later.

  2. Name your pages properly.

    If you offer employment opportunities, name your page “Jobs” instead of “Employment Opportunities”. It’s a lot shorter and your customer doesn’t have to think about it.

  3. Create buttons that link to things.

    If you want your customers to visit a different page or product create a button that does look like a button. Don’t confuse people with things that look like buttons but aren’t, and don’t put something in plain text that is really a button. You don’t want them to keep clicking around without getting anywhere.

  4. Avoid underlined words unless they are links.

    It’s very frustrating when you click around and nothing works properly. Web users are used to basic web standards. If a word is underlined, it’s a link. If an image is raised from the other ones, it’s a button. So, don’t underline words to emphasize things.

  5. Create a Contact page.

    It’s equally annoying when you you want to ask a question and you can’t find the company’s contact information. Have your contact info readily available for your customers.