Content is King!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before and I can confirm that statement, especially when it comes to websites.

There are a lot of similar websites out there. And a lot of companies just copy and paste content from another site. This is not a good practice. Try to stay fresh and use your expertise and share your field of knowledge. Introduce people to your company and really communicate what you would tell a client that was standing in front of you.

You are a true expert in your field and believe it or not, you know a lot more about your profession than your customers. Use your knowledge to educate them. This will not only make your website unique in content but it will interest, communicate with and service your clients. You could really stand out by giving valuable information that only you can provide.

I still remember going to an air conditioning company’s website and finding myself laughing and reading on and on about the company. Whoever wrote the content for that website had a great sense of humor and made me read beyond the point I originally intended to. I not only got educated about their company and service. I almost wanted my AC to break down just to get to know them in person.

And if you still need some convincing, I can tell you that not only your customers like original content, but the search engines like them as well. Sites get penalized for duplicate content by Google so it’s not really worth it to plagiarize. Write your own content and write as much as you can.

Ask your clients for testimonials and post them on your website. Usually testimonials are filled with your keywords anyway so it can only help your website’s ranking. And if you know you have a lot to say but can’t really do the writing, we can help you by providing professional writers to help express your thoughts.

Do you need a website that you can fill up with your original content?

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