long-postsStuff that website visitors hate: Superlong blog posts

So your visitor comes to your blog and has to wait for 3 minutes for the page to load. Finally all the articles are up and he has to scroll a hundred miles down to get to the article he wants to read.

Actually, this would never happen because he’s out of there after the first 8 seconds. That’s about all the time you have to get his attention.

There are ways to cut your article short and direct him to click to “read more”. This will help your page load faster and keep your reader on the site longer.

You can also create pagination and only have the 5 most recent blog posts on your page instead of the last 100 that you’ve written in the past 4 years.

Make it easy on your visitor. Be a nice, welcoming host and don’t overwhelm him or his browser.

If you don’t even have a blog we can help you quickly rectify that. Call us today and we can set it up for you in a heartbeat. Let your voice be heard.