This week I wanted to talk to you about goals and purposes in regards to your website.

Just like in any area of your life the first step in creating or redesigning your website is to formulate the goals and purposes of your online presence.

It has to be clear why you want to create the site. Is it because everyone else has one? Or because you want to sell your newly invented widget? Do you want to be more credible to your clients? Do you want to create brand recognition? Are you trying to improve your PR on the internet?

And if you already have a website, why do you want to redesign it? Is it boring, outdated, doesn’t do all the things you want it to do?You can’t make your own updates or handle all the traffic you are getting? You want to capture subscribers to your newsletter? You have nothing better to do?

Once you’ve established the reasons to create or redesign your website it is a lot easier to figure out what steps to take to achieve that objective.

Now that you know what you are doing it’s a piece of cake to communicate it to your web designer, who can just pull out the proper tools from her arsenal and create what you need.

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