contact-usWould you like your potential customers to make contact with you through your website?

The best and quickest way to get them to communicate with you is by using contact forms throughout your website.

You want customers to be able to contact you at any point while on your website. You don’t know when they will be ready to purchase or further inquire about your products and services.

Have a contact form on the side of each page so potential customers don’t have to search for it when they are ready to make contact.

Placing an email address on the page will not only open you up to spam, but it is not user friendly if your visitor is using web based email such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. When customers click your email link, their default email program will open. It will not work if it is not configured properly to send mai.

If you haven’t lost the customer yet due to his frustration, he now has to copy and paste your email address into his program.

Having the form readily available on your site will make the process more efficient and user friendly.